Chez Moi

I thought I would do a short post on my home in France, if you’ve been curious. I live in a foyer for young workers, which means it’s nothing special. But I do have my own bathroom, which is a step up from the CROUS I stayed in when I studied in Clermont-Ferrand. The foyer is next to the center of town and has a bus stop right outside, so the location is great, even if, as you’ll see, it isn’t glamorous. The weirdest thing about the foyer is they allow smoking in the rooms because it’s “your right,” but they say they don’t have the ventilation for cooking. I can tell going into someone’s apartment whether they smoke, but I usually can’t tell what they cooked the night before. Oh well, c’est la France.

My desk, from which I am typing.

My desk, from which I am typing.

I have a desk, above which is a little bookshelf, a small cabinet, a stool, a chair, a night stand, a bed, and a closet. I’ve tried to decorate to get rid of the hospital feel, and if you’ve sent me a letter you might see it above my computer in this picture. I also have drawings from my students to the right and a newspaper from when Barack Obama was elected to the left (sent to me by Amanda in Texas). Some of the other foyer residents are a bit strange, but it’s very quiet so I can’t complain too much.

My bed and door.

My bed and door. The bathroom is the white door you can barely see on the left.

I’m at the very end of my hallway and the room across from mine is used for administration. The cover to the bed I was given has a creepy circus vibe to it, with yellow and green polka dots. However, I get a clean one every month, so hopefully January will be less reminiscent of clowns. I’m not sure what they were going for with the purple, green, and yellow color scheme. I guess it’s more cheerful than the brown colors of most dorms and CROUS residents, but I would have stuck with two colors for less of a maternity-wing feel. Also, what is with France and carpet? No one has carpet! I have yet to go to visit house that has anything besides throw rugs. I guess it’s easier to keep clean, but it gets cold around here and the tile can feel like ice.

Window to the world (the parking lot).

Window to the world (the parking lot).

And here is the last view in the 360 degree tour of my room. I decided to use my X-Ray as window art, although I’m still trying to think of something more creative than that. You can also see my snowboard in this picture. I’m going to attempt to go again next Sunday. My bruises from last time have almost faded. You can see on the window that I have the ubiquitous metal shutter (it’s pulled up in the picture). These are everywhere in France, even on really beautiful buildings. When it’s down, my room can be pitch dark any time of the day and keeps out the cold. However, they look very prison-like from the outside.

Okay, that was my brief tour of my home in Valence! Maybe not as fancy as my other apartments, although it beats the garage apartment I had that was slanted and had mice. And it’s way better than my freshman year dorm and CROUS place, by far.

5 thoughts on “Chez Moi

  1. m says:

    not to mention cate! m

  2. Jennie says:

    That’s a really nice foyer room! It’s a lot bigger than the ones I’ve seen and having your own bathroom must be nice. I agree about the carpet thing though. I hate how cold the floors are here!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Your own bathroom? Upgrade! The room looks much roomier than ones we had at Dolet, or is that a nifty camera trick? I think it looks quite cozy as it is, so nicely done!

    I hope you’re enjoying the holidays wherever you are now. I just got your card in the mail; thanks so much for it!!

    Also, I’m slowly yet surely going through your top 10 list for 2008. I really, really dig No. 9 and 10.

  4. Mary says:

    I love the descriptions of your adventures in France. I’m glad to hear there are no mice in your home!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Allie says:

    mom: You’re right! I guess this is a step up from all of my dorm rooms.

    Jennie: It really isn’t that bad, although I could do without the tile floor. So cold right now.

    Cecilia: I’m glad the card got to you and you like the music. The foyer is definitely a step up from Dolet. Did we even have heating there?

    Mary: It would be a small place to be living with mice. I’m glad to have no vermin roommates.

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