Au Revoir, France

I’m back from Rome and the past two days in Valence have gone by too quickly. I’ve stuffed all of my things into a suitcase and three bags, hoping to stay under the weight limit. I’ve said goodbye to many people and tonight people will say goodbye to me. I’m mixed, half excited to go back to my home country where I can understand everything that is said to me and see my friends and family. Then again, I will miss France and the life I made here. But if I stayed, it wouldn’t be the same. Already it seems empty without the other assistants around. I’m still anxious about the rest of the year. I know what I will be doing up until the end of June, but after that it’s fuzzy. I could live anywhere and plan to pick a big city somewhere in the States, but I haven’t decided where. Yet the anxiety is softened by some anticipation of making new friends and discovering more of the world. Sometimes I worry that I will never be able to stay in one place, although maybe I’ll find a perfect place to stay when I get older.

I have absolutely no regrets about coming to France with this program. I’ve met people who I hope will be friends for my whole life and have gotten more confident in my ability to adapt and endure. I’m looking forward to visiting the friends I’ve made around the world and hope a few of them will find their way to the States.

I’ll try to complete blogging about Europe once I’m back in the States. I’m going to Paris early tomorrow morning and will meet a few people there before flying to Oklahoma City on Saturday. Then you can expect to see some posts about Dallas and my new job in the Oklahoma “mountains.”

If you want to see some photos of Rome, I’ve uploaded them to flickr. I hope you all have enjoyed my France blogging and will keep following my adventures!

One thought on “Au Revoir, France

  1. m says:

    welcome home allie!!!

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