New City

Picture I took of Times Square during my March 2008 visit to NYC.

Picture I took of Times Square during my March 2008 visit to NYC.

Tomorrow I leave for New York City. Unlike the last two places I’ve lived, this one doesn’t have an expiration date. That is both exciting and terrifying. I think this will end up being a great decision, if only because I get to live among so much art, music, and creativity and be two subway stops from one of my best friends. I’m going to be living in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, close to Green Point and McCarren Park. According to my internet research, that means I’ll be somewhere between a hipster colony and Eastern Europe.

It’s strange to be leaving Bartlesville, as I don’t know when I would come back. My parents have bought a home in another Okahoma city and are moving out of the house I grew up in. I’m used to moving around; I think I lived in eight different places just during college. But there’s always been the constant of the yellow house in Bartlesville. Although it hasn’t really been my home for six years, so I’m looking forward to making a new one in New York. I guess for the past year home has been wherever my MacBook gets plugged in.

I’ve got my giant suitcase packed yet again, my shoes in a duffel bag, and my electronics in a backpack. I guess the only thing left is to get on the airplane.

I designed a new blog header to reflect the change in my location. I thought it wouldn’t really make sense to have a photo of the Conciergerie in Paris while I’m across the ocean. I took all the tags I’ve used on my entries here and made a word cloud that I edited with Picnik.

Well, my next post will be from the East Coast. Check back here for NYC adventures. Because you know there will be many!

One thought on “New City

  1. Cecilia says:

    What a nice header! Have a safe, safe trip to NYC! Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you in the near future…

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