Drifting Between Two Islands

Atlas Shrugged facing St. Patricks Cathedral.

Atlas Shrugged facing St. Patrick's Cathedral.

I had four interviews this week; no wonder I’m tired. I feel like going to job interviews requires so much mental energy. Even if they only last for 15 minutes I’m left feeling like I worked for hours. I guess I’m getting more comfortable describing myself. One of my job interviews was up in Harlem, so I got to visit a new neighborhood and was really impressed with how wide the streets were and the gorgeous buildings. I’ll have to do more exploring on a non-business attire day. I also went to see a film at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) called La discrète. The main actor, Fabrice Luchini, was there to introduce it and it was very entertaining and I was happy that I didn’t have to look at the subtitles. Maybe my French hasn’t gotten as bad as I think.

Cranberry bog at Rockefeller Plaza.

Cranberry bog at Rockefeller Plaza.

There was a giant cranberry bog outside of Rockefeller Center this week, set up by Ocean Spray to celebrate the fall harvest. Well, whatever pretense allows for 2,000 pounds of berries in lovely shades of red to cover a huge space of concrete is more than acceptable with me. I unfortunately missed the free cranberry juice that was being given out, although I saw some tourists reach in and eat cranberries directly from the bog. I like free food, but I’m not that desperate yet.

Anti-war protest in Grant Central Station.

Anti-war protest in Grant Central Station.

I also saw my first New York protest, which is kind of shocking after living in France where there seemed to be a new protest every hour. There was a large group of people with cut-out skulls walking in a circle in the main terminal of Grand Central Station. I believe they were protesting the war in Iraq.

Kanye West cupcakes.

Are you tired of the Kanye West meme yet? I'm not, and neither is delicious Butter Lane.

I just purchased my ticket to see the Mountain Goats in Manhattan in December after seeing that their Brooklyn show was already sold out. I can’t believe that they and the Flaming Lips, my two favorite bands, have both been on the Colbert Report recently. I guess I am no longer cutting edge, if I ever was. You can check the performances out online if you missed them (or don’t have cable, like me) here and here.

Falling Water at the MOMA.

Falling Water at the MOMA.

Yesterday I got my New York Public Library card and am excited to check out some books and DVDs and use the wireless in the fantastic reading rooms in the Mid-Manhattan location. You know, the one in Ghostbusters. The Museum of Modern Art was also having free hours, so I stopped by to walk through the collection. I loved the above room of architectural models, especially the one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water.

Wall of Don Arad furniture.

Wall of Don Arad furniture.

There was also an exhibit of Monet’s waterlilies and furniture by Don Arad, both of which were interesting, but not groundbreaking for me. I guess it’s hard to top the waterlilies in the oval rooms at the Orangerie in Paris and furniture design is not particularly engaging for me. However, I liked the concept of the wall of furniture.

Oklahoma on Jasper Johns map at the MOMA.

Oklahoma on Jasper Johns map at the MOMA.

I did, however, absolutely love the room in the MOMA’s permanent collection with paintings by Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and my favorite artist, Cy Twombly. I spotted Oklahoma on the Jasper Johns map painting, appropriately colored for the okla humma (red people) state. Kansas is looking a little frightening above us, though.

4 thoughts on “Drifting Between Two Islands

  1. Cecilia says:

    Did you try the cupcakes at Butter Lane? When I visit NY, I plan a doing a bakery tour!

  2. m says:

    I’m glad I don’t live in Kansas…

  3. Kat says:

    I want to swim in the cranberry bog!

  4. Allie says:

    Cecilia: I have and they are sooo delicious. I would love to take a bakery tour with you! There are so many just with the cupcakes alone.

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