Take the L Train

An appropriate message for OU/Texas game day.

An appropriate message for OU/Texas game day.

I got a little slowed down by illness this past few days, but I’m feeling better again and continuing my adventures. I think it was a combination of the rapid temperature change from boiling to frigid and a bit of stress from unemployment. Plus, New York just requires a daily level of energy that is hard to maintain, so maybe my body just wanted a break. Anyway, enough complaining. Me being me, I still got out and kept busy.

On Friday I saw the “Mountain Strip” installation at the Black & White Project Space in Williamsburg, where an artist had installed an upside down mountain in the gallery’s courtyard. It was interesting to see a huge rock formation from inside the gallery, like suddenly you were looking out the window to a national park. I also went to the opening of a photography group show at 3rd Ward, which was good if not monumental.

As any OU fans reading will remember (or not, depending on how talented you are at suppressing memories), Saturday was the OU/Texas football game and we watched at the alumni bar. They played a lot better than I expected, but there were just too many errors to beat Texas. We eased the pain of the loss with Tibetan food, Butter Lane cupcakes, and cheap beer.

Robots carrying bagels outside a bagel shop in Williamsburg.

Robots carrying bagels outside a bagel shop in Williamsburg.

It was cold and rainy again on Sunday, so I went to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and saw their two current exhibits. One is on sustainable design and the other is of winners of the National Design Awards. Through the sustainability exhibit, I found out about the ivory palm nut, which I’d never heard of before. They grow on palm trees and the outside of their seeds resembles and can be carved like elephant ivory. Needless to say, it is much easier and better for the environment to grow the ivory palm nuts than slaughter a herd of elephants.

Lion outside the New York Public Library.

Lion outside the New York Public Library.

We attempted to see a lecture at Pete’s Candy Store by Nathan Kensinger, who takes amazing photographs of abandoned and industrial New York, but the place was packed so we had drinks there instead. His blog is really fascinating, though, and I recommend checking it out. And on the topic of abandoned places, last night Arya and I saw Zombieland, a movie where most of the country is dead or flesh eaters. It was surprisingly good and entertaining and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a pre-Halloween film.

Times Square.

Times Square.

Today I went to Galerie Lelong, which has a really cool exhibit by Jaume Plensa of giant illuminated heads sitting on rocks. Bizarre installation art is my favorite. I also spent time working with the free wifi in Bryant Park and then accidentally found out how close Bryant Park is to Times Square while walking around. That place is so overwhelming, although I’m glad they put all the crazy lights and advertisements in one place so we know how to hide from them. But it wasn’t all light and crowd-induced trauma, as I got a coffee in a Domo cup.

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