France à New York

Cafe at Grand Central Station.

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted, so I’m going to break it up into a couple of posts. This is an interview-intensive week, so I probably won’t have too many adventures while I attempt to prepare to impress. I feel like I say it so often it’s a mantra, but I still think that something is going to work out soon. Until then, I’ll just keep the Hold Steady’s “Stay Positive” on repeat in iTunes and use my flexible schedule to get to know the city better.

Crossing the Line exhibit at the FIAF gallery.

"Crossing the Line" exhibit at FIAF.

Last Thursday Sean, who I was an assistant with in France, invited me and friends to the closing party for “Crossing the Line” at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) gallery. I had seen the exhibit before (which is when I ran into Sean for the first time since France), but it was fun to experience it again, especially when accompanied by my old French friends Ricard and 1664. In the photo above, you can see the back wall which had fans on light sensors. When covered, they turned blue and spun, creating motion silhouettes of people. The towers changed color based on the noise around them, and I guess the sound of a lot of people talking over vaguely familiar indie rock makes them green.

Duck mosaics in the subway.

Duck mosaics in the subway.

After the party, we got Thai food in the East Village, where I had a delectable green curry. The next day I continued my attempts at running and almost made it three laps around the track (with a walking lap in between), so I’m making slow progress. Maybe I’ll be able to run a mile by the end of the year? I will probably be moving into a new apartment next month or at the beginning of December, so hopefully I can stay near the track, but it’s just going to depend on where my job is. I really enjoy Williamsburg, although sometimes it’s a little too “hip” for me. There’s only so much ironic clothing I can see in one day. But I love the proximity to Manhattan and the endless coffee shops and thrift stores.

Remote control giraffe street art in Williamsburg.

On Friday, we attempted to see a talk by Simon Critchley, Judith Butler and Jacques Rancière at the New School, but apparently everyone wanted to spend their Friday evenings theorizing intellectually and the place was overflowing. Oh well, at least a nice thing about New York is that you usually have more than one shot at seeing notable people. I did enjoy the Kara Walker paintings and Petah Coyne sculpture that decorated the New School staircase.

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