Dog dressed as Snoopy at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

I’m finally writing the conclusion of last weekend, starting with Sunday’s Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. I love dogs and I love Halloween, so of course I was excited to see the collision of those two things. I don’t believe I ever dressed my own dog up for Halloween beyond a festive scarf around her neck, but some people certainly spent as much time on these dogs’ costumes as I’ve seen people do for any child. The above person not only put goggles on their dog to dress it as Snoopy, they also built a biplane and dyed another dog yellow to be Woodstock. The Snoopy dog shows an admirable level of resignation and acceptance by sleeping through it all here. Here are some other highlights:

Dog dressed as Michael Jackson at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

One of the dog owners decided to go with the popular Michael Jackson in “Thriller” look, complete with miniature zombies on a  platform with a TV playing the music video.

Three banana corgis at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

I also enjoyed the three hyperactive corgis dressed as bananas, who were leaping over each other in all directions. I can’t imagine having these three dogs in any New York apartment. Maybe you just don’t have any furniture or glass. Actually, most of my apartments have been like that.

Hulk dog at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

But what if you want something more permanent for your pet that will last all Halloween week? This dog was dyed green to be the Incredible Hulk by his surprisingly well-dressed owner.

Dragon dog at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

I wonder if this dog could actually walk while encased in this glittery dragon costume. I like the skull leash, too. We didn’t stay around the see who won the costume contest, but there were so many good contenders I wouldn’t have wanted to be the judge. Plus, I have a bias towards spaniels, so I might not be able to judge fairly.

Yetis love hot cider.

After seeing the dogs, we walked through the market in Tompkins Square, which was full of apples (and free apple samples). While I still miss the market in Valence with its amazing cheese and olives, I’m growing to be fond of the green markets here as well.

Apples at the Tompkins Square market.

Not only are apples in abundance, but so are pumpkins and pumpkin-flavored food. You can’t go down a street without seeing pumpkin lattes, ice cream, yogurt, bread, muffins, cupcakes…and I love it all. Patty and her roommate hosted a Halloween party at their amazing Park Slope apartment with amazing pumpkin carving, bread, and ice cream this Wednesday

Chalk letters on 14th Street.

After the dog parade on Sunday, I walked down 14th Street to Union Square for the second round of the R-A-L-L-Y performance. On the way there I saw some of the other Art in Odd Places, including the chalk writings like the above “Coastal Oak-Hickory Forest.”  I thought these were just free association, but google has revealed that this is the name of a tree. And further internet searching has found the actual project, where the artist added “forest and stream sidewalk labels” to show where there were natural features in 1609.

Boat going down 14th Street.

I also saw the “Ice Race,” where current “contenders for power” such as an iceberg, a container ship, and an oil rig were going at paces determined by their current power. What does it mean that the container ship is ahead?

Rally Letters.

Then I met up with the other letter carriers for R-A-L-L-Y, which you might remember from two weekends ago. This time I carried a silver “N” and fabric “F” in the two performances of the phrase “M-A-K-E I-T F-U-N.”

Pile of letters.

The other phrase was “W-E A-R-E T-H-E R-E-M-E-D-Y.” You can see the giant “B” I carried last time in the picture above. People seemed to be into it; kids especially. I remember being of an age when the idea of spelling was fascinating, that letters could be arranged to create words. It is still cool.

"Howls" being dismantled by some kids.

I’ll have to keep an eye and ear out for more arts opportunities. It seems to be one of the best ways to meet people and see what’s going on here. Despite not being an artist (well, maybe a literary artist), I tend to get along best with artistically minded people. I guess I like being around people who are creative and adventurous.

Uncle Sam skeleton.

I will leave you with this unsettling Uncle Sam skeleton I saw in Union Square to start your Halloween weekend. I’m sure I will take many Halloween pictures, so get ready.


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