The Grand Steel Canyons

Veterans Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

I think that the remains of Hurricane Ida are coming through today, bringing rain and wind that reminds me of Oklahoma City in spring. I devoted a lot of time this week to apartment hunting and realized that I’m already getting jaded by New York rent. I was worried that I would have no scary stories of the big city with which to impress my Midwestern friends, but I looked at an apartment that was straight out of hell. It was a room up some rickety wooden stairs, at the top of which was half a door. Literally, a door that had been cut through the middle. I thought that was strange, but hoped that maybe it was just the door that would fit in the space. However, the room behind it had a ceiling that was only 4-feet tall and I couldn’t even get inside without crouching. There was no window, just a mattress and some clothes strewn on the floor. It reminded me of a tomb. But, it was only $600 a month! And all you had to sacrifice was your sanity and all sense of self-worth.

Veterans Day Parade.

I have looked at some promising places, though, so hopefully I’ll figure out my next apartment soon. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to move my things. I basically just have clothes and books and a couple of bookshelves I got for free. In other words, I could pack and be gone in an hour and leave no trace that I was ever here.

Veterans Day Parade.

This Wednesday was Veterans Day and Elizabeth and I spent the day wandering from Union Square to Herald Square. We encountered the Veterans Day Parade on Fifth Avenue, which was swarming with ROTC, marching bands, horses, and vintage army jeeps like in the picture above.

Sheep on a Park Avenue median.

We then went to Williamsburg and got pumpkin bagels at The Bagel Store on Bedford Avenue, which were fantastic. We also strolled around the hip design stores where leather door stops shaped as animals and bowls made from melted plastic army men are all the rage.

PopRally at the MoMA.

That evening was the PopRally at the Museum of Modern Art, an after-hours event where you can see a new exhibit, listen to music, and have some wine. This PopRally was associated with the New Photography 2009 exhibit, so there was also a digital photography booth. After you got your photo taken, it was projected on this giant screen by the “dance floor” where no one was dancing. The wine was from Sud de France, all from Languedoc-Rousillon, which is my favorite province to pronounce in French.

New Photography 2009 exhibit at the MoMA.

I was hoping for more of the museum to be open during the PopRally, but it was still cool to be in the building after-hours. I think the museum is going to upload pictures of the event to Flickr, so I’ll keep an eye out and link to them when I see them.

Entrance to the upcoming Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA.

We were able to glimpse the entrance to the Tim Burton exhibit that’s going to open at the Museum of Modern Art very soon. I am so excited, as Tim Burton is my favorite filmmaker and I love his art. And if this entrance is an indication of the rest of the exhibit, it’s going to blow my mind.

Skeleton in SoHo.

Last night, we walked around SoHo and had free cider and red velvet cupcakes at the Malandrino store and then champagne at the new Banana Republic store. The holiday window displays are starting to be unveiled and I’m interested to see the city in full-winter festivities mode.

Skulls, molding gourds, snails, and a raven at at Ted Muehling.

We tried to go to the Munnyworld Kidrobot exhibit, but the line was insane, so maybe I’ll stop by today. I don’t think I’ve purchased a single Kidrobot toy since I got to New York, which I consider to be a success and demonstration of self control. Maybe I should use that example in a job interview?

New Museum at night.

We ended our night at the New Museum, which was open late and had a new exhibit by Swiss artist Urs Fischer. I wasn’t too impressed the last time I visited the New Museum, but this exhibit actually had some good moments. I really like the mirror boxes with large-scale photography decals. There was also a room where he’d made a wallpaper that duplicated the normal details of the room, like the light switch or fire alarm, with the duplicate image just slightly off of the real thing. However, it was almost ruined by the unnecessary tongue that popped out of a hole in the wall and the old croissant dangling on fishing wire. Still, mostly a good exhibit.

I might start writing for a newspaper here which, even though it’s unpaid, would be a good way to break into the journalism scene. We’ll see how it goes. There’s always so much I want to accomplish and I’m trying to prioritize the job hunt and  apartment search ahead of other things. Well, I have a meeting about it this afternoon, so on verra, comme on dit en français.

5 thoughts on “The Grand Steel Canyons

  1. m says:

    maybe that is an apartment normally rented to midgets!!

  2. Allie says:

    The scary part is that it’s probably been rented by now.

  3. Kat says:

    Bowls made from melted plastic army men? I can just see a distorted army man face sticking out from the side of the bowl….what will they think of next?

  4. Cecilia says:

    Are you f-ing kidding me? A Tim Burton exhibit? I really, really hope that it’s open when I’m in NYC. Happy Thanksgiving, btw!

  5. Allie says:

    Cecilia, it goes until April!

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