Staying in Brooklyn

Chrysler Building in the fog.

I’ve found my next apartment and will be staying in Brooklyn, although not Williamsburg. As much as I like it here, I couldn’t find anything decent within my price range and I’m kind of looking forward to a change of scenery. So, I’m moving south to Park Slope, which I hear is quite nice. Even nicer, I will have a door on my room and access to a roof with a view of all of Manhattan. I move on December 1, which is soon. Scarily soon. Time to repack the suitcase.

The Domo cup I got a few weeks ago, since so many people find my blog searching for it.

My Friday morning run around the McCarren Park track was interrupted by some people shooting a movie. They kept pulling yellow tape across one section of the track, forcing the runners and walkers to go down the middle of the grass soccer field instead. It was a little annoying, but kind of cool that the place where I run every morning is worthy of being filmed. That night, I went out with some friends to a few Williamsburg bars and on Saturday we watched the OU football game. The rain kept me from doing much else. After the game, we got delicious bubble teas in the East Village. I went for a delectable taro milk tea.

Tacky NYC postcards, coming to a mailbox near some of you.

Today, Elizabeth and I enjoyed the nearly 70 degree weather by walking around SoHo and the Lower East Side. We stopped for pastries and coffee at Balthazar, which is as close to a French bakery as you can get in New York. I also finally found some boots to replace the ones I destroyed with all my walking in France. I try not to think about how my money is draining away with unemployment, but at least I know that I get my money’s worth out of every pair of shoes I buy. Not until they are full of holes and the heels worn down to nothing do I move on to the next pair.

We also went to the pay-as-you-wish candlelit yoga class at Yoga to the People. It was a little more on the aerobics side than I was expecting, and the room felt like it was a sauna, but I enjoyed it overall and it made me feel less guilty about eating that Balthazar palmier. I might try to find a yoga class that focuses more on stretching and balance, as I feel like I cover the pulse-quickening part of exercise with running. However, for the price it’s hard to beat. And the more Sundays I go, the more French baked goods I can enjoy.


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