Leave the North

My new bedroom in my new apartment.

I just spent the day temping at a marketing place that represents brands and people. Right next to my desk, there was a TV that played the same five Lady Gaga music videos in a continuous loop. I’m listening to all the catchy music in my iTunes library in the hopes that I don’t have to fall asleep with a mash up of all five spinning in my head. I’m going back to the same position tomorrow. I hope I get to hear a new artist.

Anyway, I’m sure you want to know about the new apartment in south Brooklyn. I’m really liking it so far, and have started to adjust from the hip Williamsburg to more family-oriented Park Slope. Above, you can see my new bedroom with its wood floors, exposed bricks, and white moldings on the walls. Sorry for the clutter, I’m still finding a place for everything.

Other side of my new bedroom.

And above is the other side of my bedroom. There’s also an alcove to the right where the door is, so I actually have a lot of space. I got the wardrobe for free when the girl who was moving out couldn’t fit it down the stairs. So far, I haven’t had to buy any furniture in New York. It’s kind of awesome. Now if only some warm clothing could come about in that way, although I wouldn’t trust picking up any fabrics from the streets for fear of bedbugs.

My neighbor, the dog.

There’s a cute dog that lives below my window and I haven’t heard him bark once. It’s mostly pretty quiet here, and the only noises are other tenants walking up the stairs and occasionally I feel the floor tremble as a subway train goes beneath us.

My neighbors, the cats.

There is also a group of cats that lives on the roof across from my window. I thought it was nice of them to all pose for this picture.

View from my window.

I can also see a church from my window. I found that there is a church with almost the exact same steeple as I was running around Green-Wood Cemetery. I was running the exterior of the cemetery, outside of the gates, and underestimated how big it was and how many turns I would take before I made it back. I saw a green steeple like this at one point and was getting my hopes up about almost being back, when I saw that the street signs still kept me many blocks away. Apparently, Green-Wood is 478 acres, so no wonder it seemed to go on forever. I’ll be doing some exploring in it soon, too.

Kitchen in my new apartment.

The kitchen in the apartment is a pretty big size by New York City standards. I got a ton of  my old kitchen things from my mom and brother over Thanksgiving, and it was fun to unpack them again. In my last apartment, I really only had a coffee cup to my name. Being that I’m in the South Park Slope/North Sunset Park area, I have a lot of grocery store options, including some Mexican and Vietnamese places. This is an improvement from the gourmet-only stores in Williamsburg.

Our spartan living room.

We’re a little short on decorations in the apartment right now, so I might pick up some things while in Oklahoma City for Christmas. This is our living room, and the sliding doors go to my roommate’s room. There’s a hallway between the living room and my room and the kitchen where there is the bathroom, which is almost as big as my bedroom. It’s very nice to have so much space, but even better is having privacy. I feel like in New York, you’re with huge masses of people all the time, that it’s important to be able to come home and have some solitude.

View of Manhattan from our roof.

Maybe the best part is the view from the roof, where you can see all of Manhattan. It’s even better at night.

This evening, I went to see Patty‘s dad speak at the library about his book Dissection: Photographs of a Rite of Passage in American Medicine 1880-1930. Ah, to have a book on Amazon. Someday, maybe. Anyway, it was really interesting look at how medical students would take portraits done with the cadavers they were dissecting. It was fascinating to see men with bowler hats cradling flayed flesh in bare hands, or posing playfully with cigarettes jammed in the warped cadaver lips. Afterward, we ate at an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village where I had penne with zucchini, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese.

I’m going to sleep early to prepare for more temping. Well, early by my standards.

One thought on “Leave the North

  1. Patty says:

    The place looks like it has great bones to work with! And I love all the animals – the cats are hilarious.

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