Dreaming Winter

Ice skating rink at Bryant Park.

As the FedEx delivery person just reminded me, Christmas is a little over a week away. And scarier still, 2010 is just two weeks away.  I’m temping this week at the very important film studio and ducking potential confrontation with very important film producers. These people are serious about their movies.  My desk is next to a TV that plays the same 16 minutes of movie trailers over and over and over with the sound off. Well, anyway, last week I happened to walk by the Bryant Park ice skating rink one my way back from the library.  It was packed, but everyone seemed to be having a great time and people were giving away chocolates.

Empire State Building lit for Hanukkah, seen from the Bryant Park ice skating rink.

This past Saturday a couple of college friends were visiting town and we met up in SoHo where it seemed like everyone was panicking over last minute holiday shopping. We also visited Chinatown where there was a surplus pashmina store where people were frantically rifling through and ripping open packages of brightly colored silk scarves in the narrowest rows possible. That evening, there was a volunteer party at the Dumbo Arts Center that I stopped by and saw some people I hadn’t seen for a while and had a couple of drinks, and then headed to Park Slope for Patty‘s classy holiday celebration. Check out her blog for some great pictures of her charming tree, which includes a wooden hand grasping the top and strings of cranberries and popcorn.  I had eggnog and cookies decorated with sprinkles, so I guess Christmas is officially here.

Bull and Bear Market.

On Sunday, I volunteered at the Bull and Bear Market at the Invisible Dog in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. I have been doing some public relations help for the organizers, Recession Art, and although the day was very rainy and cut down on our crowds, it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As you can see in the picture, it was in a huge industrial loft space and was decorated with lights and a Christmas tree made from belts. There was also music on ukuleles and keyboards, gingerbread shantytown building, an abundance of sweets, and wine. At the end, our mascots Bull and Bear destroyed a pinata full of candy.

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