Park Slope

Tim Burton inflatable at the Museum of Modern Art.

I stopped by the MoMA during their free hours again, but still no luck in seeing the Tim Burton exhibit. They did, however, have this awesome inflatable of one of his creations. Anyway, there has been some amazing weather lately so I took the opportunity to explore Park Slope.

Main hall of the Brooklyn Flea.

I met up with some friends on Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea, which has moved indoors for the winter to the inside of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. While this was originally a bank, it’s been converted into luxury condos. It’s not actually in Park Slope, but north of it and an easy walking distance. I’d never been inside the bank and the main hall where the flea market was being held has beautiful ceiling and wall mosaics.

Teller window at the Brooklyn Flea.

It even still has its teller windows. The Williamsburgh Savings Bank is the tallest building in Brooklyn and wikipedia is telling me that the ceilings in the main hall are 63 feet tall. Unfortunately, it’s also telling me that there are two abandoned observation decks, which I would love to see. I’m sure they have stunning views of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. I guess those views will be owned by the luxury condo residents.

Banking lions.

The Brooklyn Flea itself was an interesting mix of handmade items and vintage, and there was even food in the bank vault. The next day I came back and had a delicious salty caramel cupcake. I really like this trend of making desserts with just a bit of salt. The other week I tried chocolate with a hint of sea salt and aloe.

Brownstones in Park Slope.

After the Brooklyn Flea, we walked into the main area of Park Slope and I decided to take a walk towards Prospect Park. On the way, I saw the beautiful brownstones, some of which were single-family homes. I can’t wait to see the area in spring when the leaves are coming back on the trees.

Arch in Grand Army Plaza.

I then passed through Grand Army Plaza, where a farmer’s market was just wrapping up. The plaza has this huge arch at its center. With the statue on top and its positioning in the middle of traffic, it seems like a mix between the Brandenburg Gate and the Arc de Triomphe.

Grand entrance of the Brooklyn Public Library.

The main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is also on Grand Army Plaza, and I stopped in to activate my new library card. I love the huge entryway with its gold Art Deco designs of literary characters, like Brer Rabbit in the middle.

Battle of Brooklyn, Part II.

I then took a walk through the west side of Prospect Park, where people were biking, skating, throwing frisbees, walking dogs, and…staging epic battles? I passed this odd group of people who were lined up in two lines and having a fight with giant foam weapons. As  you can see in this picture, that included battle axes and bows and arrows (is that a fair fight?). And the guy in the middle should be getting a penalty for a false start.

From the park, I walked through Windsor Terrace, another park-bordering neighborhood, and then cut back to Greenwood Heights. Or South Park Slope. I’m still not sure how to refer to my neighborhood. It’s most accurate to call it Greenwood Heights, as that identifies it with the nearby cemetery, but no one outside of south Brooklyn seems to recognize that as a place. Maybe I’ll just refer to it as Cemetery Row or Skeletown. Anyway, I passed a lot of promising coffee shops and bars and I’m looking forward to more exploring.

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