Found Objects

Pontiki NYC!!!

Some of you (well, my mom at least) have been wondering where my traveling buddy Pontiki was. You may remember the triangular, modern-Mr. Potato Headesque plastic friend from his trips to Paris, Rome, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, and Monaco. Well, he finally decided to get out for a New York portrait on my roof. Unfortunately, it was a bit hard to get the focus right, so I decided to go with a soft focus on both him and the skyline. That’s probably more flattering as he gets older and worn out by travel. I think I will be taking him to more NYC locations, in his goal to be the most traveled Pontiki in the world.

Horrible car crash? No, just a movie set abandoned in the rain in Williamsburg.

I had my friend Cecilia and her brother as guests this past weekend and on her last night in the city we went up to Williamsburg, my old neighborhood. We started with delicious bagels at The Bagel Store I used to frequent and then took a walk. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy, but we did come upon this abandoned movie set with a car crash and flower petals everywhere. It was very odd, because all the big expensive lights were still up and absolutely no one was around. Or maybe they were watching from some unseen window. Still, with all the filmmakers living in Brooklyn, I would be afraid of some young artists wheeling away the lights. Anyway, after that we went to the falafel place I also used to frequent and a huge fight broke out, involving both falafel staff and people on the street. We weren’t involved at all, but it made Williamsburg seem way rougher than it is.

The streets keep giving me treasures.

While they were here I also found this cool print of the Roman Forum on the street. The glass is broken, but it’s still in the frame. Maybe I should have taken it to the Brooklyn Flea and sold it for $50. Along with the rugs and record player my roommate brought this weekend and the decorations I’ve finally put up in my room, the apartment is starting to feel like a home. The best part is our coffee station, which has my espresso machine, a coffee machine, a coffee bean grinder, and a milk frother. As we are both writers, we require a lot of caffeine.

Feathered neighbors seen from my window, chilling by some graffiti.

Today I stopped by “Never Can Say Goodbye,” an art project by No Longer Empty. The group of artists turned the old Tower Records store in the East Village into an installation, with records by fake bands, records that hold poems instead of music, listening stations, video art, and a whole flock of birds made from vinyl. It’s sort of like a weird, dream version of a record store. Too bad it isn’t permanent. Maybe if record and music stores started to incorporate installation art experiences into their stores there would be a glimmer of hope in the downloading age. Or am I the only one who would be interested in opening a CD case and not knowing whether there will be a disc or a glossy paper eye staring back at me? Okay, that wasn’t part of the exhibit, but I’m just thinking of ideas.

I’m having some more cautious optimism about a job prospect, but I’m keeping my hopes in check. I did get some temp work at the very important film studio this week, and I’m still getting writing work. Still, it would be nice to have a steady salary and a good insurance plan. Well, it’s boring to complain. I have some cool end-of-the-week and weekend plans, so I’m feeling happy despite the odds.

6 thoughts on “Found Objects

  1. terri says:

    Keep a positive outlook; it’s just a matter of time! I love experiencing NYC through your eyes; continue, please!

  2. Allie says:

    Thanks Terri! Don’t worry, I’ll keep blogging job or no job. Actually, probably more when there is no job. I’ve had some cool NYC experiences this week, so a good post should be coming soon.

  3. m says:

    It is so good to see Pontiki out and about again!

  4. Mary says:

    Welcome back Pontiki!

  5. Allie says:

    Maybe I should have a vote for where pontiki visits next? Brooklyn Bridge? Times Square? Fancy party?

  6. m says:

    Fancy Party!!!

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