Snow Day

Snowboarding in Central Park.

It didn’t even cross my mind to check to see if work was canceled before I left this morning. I even woke up extra early to finish a story I had due before walking through the falling snow to the subway. It was unusually empty everywhere. Sometimes I’m the first person in the office because I work 9-5 and others get there at 9:30 or 10, so I didn’t  think anything of it at first. But after half an hour with no signs of life beside me, I checked the Cooper Union website and saw that classes were canceled and offices were closed. So now I’m back in Brooklyn, drinking tea and watching the snow fall. I’m going to walk to Prospect Park after I write this post, but am staying warm for a little while longer to catch up on some blogging.

Fake snow in Central Park. Maybe I'll go see the real snow tomorrow.

Last Saturday, I caught the end of Winter Jam in Central Park, which is where these first two pictures are from. It’s an annual event where they put down fake snow and have snowboarding and skiing demonstrations. As you can see, they even had a very small snowboard jump and rail. But my favorite part was the free Red Jack Orchard cider.

MoMA book swap.

I then walked from Central Park to the Museum of Modern Art to meet up with some friends at the MoMA Art Book Swap. I don’t have any art books here and was not able to swap, but I did like the aerial view of all the people intensely paging through catalogs and tossing aside books about Michelangelo.

Paris metro sign at the MoMA.

I also saw this Paris metro sign that I’d somehow missed, I guess because I’ve never gone all the way across the courtyard. It made me nostalgic for France. It’s hard to believe I was there and then in Berlin this time last year. It seems like ages and worlds ago.

After the MoMA, we stopped by the Jeffrey Vallance and Mark Dion exhibits that were up at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Vallance had really spectacular shrines for different life objects, from a burned out Christmas light to a collection of childhood plastic animals, that were constructed like religious relics. Dion had a fictional travel of a an archeologist reconstructed with natural history objects in a kind of wunderkamer arrangement. It was all very cool.

Snow on my street in Brooklyn.

Yesterday, we got Early Grey flavored hot chocolates at City Bakery that were delicious and had the consistency of chocolate mousse. A hot chocolate celebration is going on where they have a different flavor every day, but I think that one this week is more than enough for me and my teeth.

New Cooper Union building in the snow, on my way to canceled work.

Otherwise, I’ve been recovering from a slight illness that hit me last week and getting used to my new work schedule. I’m liking my job and it’s not stressful. I think I underestimated how much stress I had with unemployment. It’s just easier to wake up every day knowing I have a job. Even with the temping, it was stressful to go to a new office all the time, where I would have new co-workers and need to learn new office etiquette and procedures.

Peter Cooper, covered in snow.

Yesterday, work was especially enjoyable because Peter Cooper’s birthday was celebrated with a wreath-laying and cake. You can see him with his wreath here, although luckily it wasn’t snowing when the ceremony took place. I also got to tour their new modern building, one whose many identical floors I would have been hopelessly lost on if I had been a student there.

Snow on the Grace Church spires.

I heard that last night there was a line of over 100 people outside Trader Joe’s due to the snowpocalypse forecast. But isn’t there a grocery store on nearly every block? Maybe some people just can’t imagine going a day without their Trader Os cereal. I’m still surprised so much is canceled today when so many people don’t drive.

Snow in Union Square.

I also walked through Union Square this morning after realizing that work was canceled, and saw many dogs frolicking. And a few people like me taking pictures.

Snow falling in Union Square.

I’m sure I will take some more pictures this afternoon. I hear there may be more snow this weekend and it’s not going to get above freezing for a while, so it will probably hang around. Or turn to gray slush by the curb.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. m says:

    Enjoy the snow!

  2. Allie says:

    I did!

  3. […] sure that school was closed, and then went back to some much needed sleep. (Remember when I accidentally went to work on a snow day last year?) But don’t worry, I made sure to go out for some adventuring. Snow […]

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