Snow in Green-Wood

Civil War graves covered in snow at Green-Wood Cemetery.

Despite warmer weather, the snow is staying around. After a day of temping yesterday, in which I answered about four phone calls and spent the rest of the time reading, I used today’s holiday to get some outdoor air. I went over to Green-Wood Cemetery and walked in icy snow that sometimes came up past my knees.

Pyramid mausoleum in Green-Wood Cemetery.

Thanks to the Brooklyn Museum for tweeting my last entry, which included my visit to their Kiki Smith and Egyptian exhibits. After seeing the exhibit on Egyptian artifacts on death and the afterlife, I was able to note the symbol of Osiris on this mausoleum built for Egyptologist Albert Parsons. Under it are statues of figures from Christianity and a sphinx.

Father, Mother, Husband, Wife

This was my first visit to Green-Wood when I actually saw the monk parrots that live in the grand entrance. There were quite a few and their green and pink feathers stood out against the snow and blue sky.

Minerva and the Altar of Liberty.

I hiked up Battle Hill to the statue of Minerva and the Altar of Liberty, dedicated to the Battle of Long Island. The battle was the first major conflict of the Revolutionary War and was mostly fought around this hill that is now in the cemetery. The hill is also the highest point in Brooklyn and with the winter trees you can see most of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, which Minerva is waving to with her outstretched arm.

Minerva waving to the Statue of Liberty in the harbor.

Here is a view of Minerva gesturing towards the harbor, where the Statue of Liberty returns her gaze. A tattered American flag was draped over her back, while miniature flags were sticking out of the snow around her.

Saint-Michael in Green-Wood.

There were a few other sets of footprints going up and down Battle Hill, although I didn’t see any other walkers during my visit. The only other people I encountered were staring down at me from the tops of columns, and most of them had wings.

Shadows in the snow.

From the cemetery, I walked over to Southside Coffee, which I’d been meaning to visit. The coffee was great, the crowd was incredibly hip, and it’s only a few blocks from my apartment, so I will definitely be back. From there, I went to my new favorite grocery store: Rossman’s. One of their staff members recognized my indecision in selecting a papaya and chose the perfect one from the back of the pile. Seriously, that place is awesome. I get my whole week of produce there for just around $7.

Now I am back to watching the Olympics and thoroughly enjoying the spectacle that is Snowboard Cross. I can’t even imagine going down that course of jumps, let alone with icy trenches everywhere. I’m not so sure about the US Olympic team’s uniforms that appear to be imitating denim jeans and plaid shirts. Maybe this is part of that Urban Woodsmen craze that is taking over NYC.

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