March: Kings County

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers at Le Poisson Rouge.

I wish time would slow down a little bit. Even on the subway, I feel like I get to my stops much too early for the distance. Daylight Savings Time did not help at all with my mental clock. Well, I am staying up a little late to bring you this blog post. I’ll try to keep it brief (for me).

Last Wednesday, I went with my roommate and friends to see a few bands play at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village. The first band was Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, who I saw not too long ago at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. She put on yet another spellbinding and intense performance. I’m impressed that any artist can put that much of herself out on stage with so much energy, night after night. Check out this video of “I Only Have Eyes for You” to get an idea, if not great sound quality. The second band was Suckers, who I had never heard of before. Now, here is where the fact that this whole thing started at 10:30 on a weeknight started to go negatively and I really don’t know if I disliked Suckers or I was just exhausted. They also had these cartoons playing behind them in loops that I found kind of nauseating. Unfortunately, by the time Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson took the stage, who I really wanted to see, at around 1 am, I was barely hanging on. I didn’t make it through his whole set, but it was okay. I was hoping for a little more from someone with such well-crafted songs.

Marlow and Sons at the Williamsburg Bridge.

On Thursday night, I met word travelers Morgan and my Uncle Tom at Tsampa in the East Village for Tibetan food, later joined by Elizabeth at de Robertis, where I had a cappuccino and incredibly delicious amaretti cookies. On Friday, I got together with some friends at Elizabeth and Arya’s apartment for drinks.

Although those drinks were not free, we found both free wine and chocolate at Bottlerocket Wine on Saturday. They were having a tasting that had such delicious pairings as  as dark chocolate with sea salt, cashews, and cayenne pepper with a sweet bubbly Australian red wine. After, Eszter and I started our project of visiting all the top coffee shops mapped recently by The New York Times. We had great coffees and a delectable mango, zucchini, and coconut muffin at Cafe Grumpy. So that’s one down…twenty more to go? I drink enough coffee to easily manage that.

That night, we had Thai food in the East Village and watched the torrential rain blow umbrellas and people around the sidewalk. The next day, broken umbrellas were strewn all over the streets, stuffed in trashcans, and flattened in the gutters.

A corner space invader in Williamsburg.

I met up with Tom and Morgan again on Sunday, this time in my old neighborhood, Williamsburg. Another great coffee was consumed at El Beit, whose Clover machine is worth paying a bit extra for. I showed them such Williamsburg highlights as the Spoonbill & Sugartown Books and the ubiquitous urban hipster woodsmen with their well-trimmed winter beards and plaid shirts. We even made it over to McGorlick Park in Greenpoint, before going over to Manhattan to SoHo to visit one of Tom’s friends.

Serving Pernod is serious business.

That night me and my friends went to the PopRally for the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA, which I have been waiting FOREVER to see. The event was hosted by Sud de France wines and Pernod, who were serving up their anise liqueur in absinthe style. You can see in this picture the faucets that dripped over sugar cubes and the stony-faced men who were mixing.

The exhibit was amazing. I’ve been obsessed with Tim Burton’s films for a very long time, at least since impressionable ages in middle school. The MoMA is having a retrospective of his drawings, sculptures, films, and even some costumes and props. I happened to notice that the boots I bought this winter look a lot like the ones on the Edward Scissorhands costumes. I guess I am subliminally trying to dress like I am in a Tim Burton movie.

There was some unfortunate stand up comedy at the end of the PopRally that we had to flee. I think the only stand up I can tolerate is from Paul F. Tompkins, who was, alas, not there.

I think I did well at keeping that post somewhat brief! Time to prepare for St. Patrick’s Day, right? First, with sleep.

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