Up Above The Daily Hum

Casualties of the storm.

I made a rather big decision this week, to finally move away from the safety of Oklahoma media and focus on my fiction and all the wonderful publications here in New York. Now that I have a full-time job, I feel more secure in looking for new freelance work. I know I can always start writing for my beloved newspapers and magazines back West, but I would regret not trying to, as they say, “make it here.” And I think I’ve reached the heights that I can with Oklahoma arts writing and it’s time for new challenges.

Pyramid robot in the East Village.

This Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day, and the spring break visitors were out in force in the East Village. I’d been seeing them all week on the subways, swinging their bags and large maps giddily. They descended into every dive bar and pub east of Astor Place for the holiday. I went for a walk to Tompkins Square after work and enjoyed sitting outside for the first real day of spring weather while talking to my brother on the phone. I then met up with friends at Tuck Shop, which sells Australian pies. I had the vegetarian chili one and it was delicious. The place was small and cute and had decor that made you think you would look out at Perth instead of drunken St. Patrick’s revelers. After, I celebrated my traces of Irish heritage with very un-Irish Saint-Germain drinks.

Smart Crew van (they are a graffiti crew).

I finished reading my second Paul Auster book in as many weeks, this time was Brooklyn Follies. It was interesting to read a book that takes place in Park Slope just blocks from my apartment. It was the first book I’ve read while living in New York that I could really imagine happening around me. I believe Auster actually lives in Park Slope, so I will watch for his intense eyes.

This is just a short post for now, but tomorrow is Obscura Day and I am going on an adventure.

One thought on “Up Above The Daily Hum

  1. m says:

    aw.. wednesdays just won’t be the same

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