Consumed at City Girl Cafe.

This is quick post to check another coffee place off the list of those mapped by The New York Times. We recently visited City Girl Cafe in SoHo on a beautiful day and I had my first iced coffee of 2010. This also made for excellent people watching, and we saw a model with pink hair strike poses on top of a car and men with expensive black frame glasses and newspapers tucked under their arms. I would rate the coffee below Cafe Grumpy, but it was still good. I guess I should be keeping a rating system. They get high marks for the street view, over-the-top music, and charming heart on the foam of the cappuccino.

Other recent events include the second week of Paper Arts class at the Brooklyn Brainery, where we learned bookbinding. I also explored some of the goth and vintage shops on St. Mark’s with Elizabeth, with temptations including Victorian-style shoes with giant skull buckles and purses covered in robots. I don’t think those things fit into the professional wardrobe I need everyday, unfortunately. Tonight I had dinner in Park Slope at Snice, an all vegetarian sandwich shop. I’m so used to finding the one vegetarian thing on the menu and ordering it that it’s overwhelming to have so many choices.

I’ve been doing some blogging for Recession Art on the artists who will be exhibiting in Works Progress in April and May. I also have a literary blog project that I will be starting soon. Perhaps I have too many blogs, but they’re free and I can never seem to write enough.

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