Sunset at the Williamsburg Bridge.

I see many more sunsets than sunrises, although contrary to popular belief, the pollution in big cities like New York mutes the colors more than it enhances them. Still, the silhouettes of the bridges and skyscrapers add some beauty that is unique, and the light around the Williamsburg Bridge last night was pink like the spring flowers I imagine are emerging in lawns across the United States. I haven’t noticed any crocuses or other flowers here, but I’m already planning to plant some herbs on the fire escape. I have a bad track record with plants, except for the occasional cactus, but maybe I can get in on that urban gardening trend everyone is loving here in Brooklyn. Winter hasn’t left entirely, and today is rather cold, staying well below 50 degrees. That’s okay; that means I can give my winter wardrobe more wear before transitioning into the much more sparse spring and summer clothing options.

Above ground train in Williamsburg.

One of the many books I’m reading right now (my Goodreads “currently reading” list is ridiculous) is Amerika by Franz Kafka. It was referenced in Paul Auster’s Brooklyn Follies, so when I spotted it at the library on my lunch break I decided it would make a nice literary progression. It starts with the main character entering the harbor, and the Statue of Liberty is standing above the water with a sword raised high in her hand, instead of a torch. It’s kind of awesome, and also really terrifying. Even though I can’t see her, I know that she’s facing my apartment window and I see her when I walk up the hill of my neighborhood.

Art on boards on a building in Williamsburg.

Last night, I joined Elizabeth and Eszter in Williamsburg to get delicious French toast bagels (with walnut and raisin cream cheese, I could never go on a diet here). We then walked around the neighborhood and stopped by a jewelry store that was having an opening party. Then we drank bubble teas in the East Village. I had a taro milk tea, purple to unintentionally match my dress.

My new neighborhood-the South South Slope, Dark Slope, Greenwood Heights, Windsor Terrace, North Sunset Park, Heights of Gowan, no man’s land-seems to be getting more and more appealing to people. The bodega across the street was named the best in the city by L Magazine and a new coffee shop is opening next to the laundromat. So many changes, and I’ve only lived here for three months!

I attended four different meetings in one day at work this week. I think that is a new record for me.

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