We came forth, and once more saw the stars

Prayer candles at St. John the Divine.

Every Maundy Thursday, St. John the Divine holds a reading of Dante’s Inferno. (Is there any church with a better name than St. John the Divine? Every time I say it, I feel like I am speaking a prayer.) I attended this year’s reading, listening to poets, priests, and scholars read the cantos, their words echoing through the massive church where they reverberated on the stone walls, still marked by the 2001 fire. The cathedral was almost completely dark, with just two candles on either side of the readers and a spotlight shining down from the top of the over 1oo foot tall arches. I was reminded why, above all other forms of expression, literature remains my biggest passion.

Old ambulance in DUMBO.

The last month of my 24 years is incredibly busy. There are so many new projects that I will be sharing with you all as they get more realized. I like feeling like I’m finally finding a place here. I love being able to actually run into people I know around town. I love that the streets and neighborhoods are becoming familiar and I’m forming my own NYC map in my head, with my little apartment in Brooklyn at its center.

I hope no one drives it. This and the above picture are completely irrelevant to this post.

I visited Coney Island today, but will save that for its own post. I may go see the cherry blossoms at the botanical gardens tomorrow. What else should I do with this spring weather? Drinking iced coffees and lounging in the park are already in my plans.

Another random picture I haven't posted yet, this from Brooklyn.

I got off work early yesterday (I had stayed late on Thursday), and walked around the East Village, then found a copy of The Splended Century by W.H. Lewis on The Strand’s dollar racks. Who knew that C.S. Lewis’ brother was also a writer, who happened to be interested in Louis XIV? I bought it because it had charming pictures of Versailles on its tattered cover. It was printed in 1957, so will be too delicate for the subway, but maybe I will read it on the roof with a glass of medium priced French wine. I actually found a bottle from Tain l’Hermitage discounted to my price range that is waiting for a special occasion.

Happy Easter! I already ate a Jacques Torres chocolate bunny in celebration. My downstairs neighbors seem to be having a Marvin Gaye listening party, I’ll assume for the same reason.

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