Upper West Side

Miniature landmarks at the flea market.

I celebrated Easter with a trip to the Upper West Side with Elizabeth and Arya. Our destination was the GreenFlea Market, an absolutely massive outdoor and indoor market of antiques and vintage items. The weather was gorgeous, and I didn’t even have to wear a jacket (although I did wear long sleeves for sun protection). I ended up buying a gold and silver squid brooch for $5.

Mirrors at the GreenFlea Market.

I didn’t notice when I took this picture how each of the mirrors was reflecting a different style of Upper West Side architecture. I really like that neighborhood. It’s very open and laid back. It doesn’t feel like I’m trespassing on a private country club like the Upper East Side. Of course, the warm weather and positive mood created by Easter candies and brightly dressed church goers could have helped.

Flowering trees on the Upper West Side.

We had a lunch of focaccia and oatmeal cookies that we bought at the Green Market and ate in the park around the Natural History Museum. The people watching was great, but the dog watching was even better. We also had Mr. Softee ice creams, which means that spring has truly arrived.

Central Park.

Later we walked through Central Park, which was absolutely packed with people. I guess everyone has been in hiding all winter and are finally coming out of hibernation. There were volleyball nets stretched across the sidewalks and a roller skate dance party right next to a Coney Island band dance party. Everything is green and the trees are covered in blooms. I’ve been feeling very positive about everything lately, so maybe the spring flora is rubbing its sweet scents off on my brain.

One thought on “Upper West Side

  1. m says:

    Squid Brooch!!

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