Formal Event

Lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Outside of a couple of weddings, I really haven’t been to that many formal gatherings. However, on Friday I had to go to a big fancy party as part of work. While having to work a 14-hour day was exhausting, it involved free food and drinks and I got to see the Roosevelt Hotel. It originally opened in 1924 and used to be connected to Grand Central Station with an underground passageway. It was also the first hotel to have televisions in every room, although there were still plenty of clusters of young Europeans playing cards in the lobby. Surely there’s something for them to do on a Friday night in New York? Anyway, the decor was a little rococo and at times I felt like I was on a cruise ship, but overall it was enjoyable. I even got to take one of the beautiful flower centerpieces home and got a cab ride home. Driving over the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night was dreamlike.

Despite being exhausted by the long Friday, I still had a very busy weekend, and I will post about it soon. Get ready for chance encounters, riveting art, and free theatre.

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