Works Progress: Opening Today!

Chicken tractor installation in Works Progress.

Hey New York readers! Tonight is the opening of “Works Progress” at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn (51 Bergen Street). I have been helping Recession Art organize the exhibit and would love if any of you could stop by. Information is on our site. I realize that’s not possible for many of you, so you can see some of yesterday’s installation process below:

Fabric inflatable sculpture.

Lighting the money shrine.

Denim fiber art.

Rotting vegetable portraits.

Shrine candles.

Money shrine.

Chess set made from cutlery.

Teapot paintings.

One thought on “Works Progress: Opening Today!

  1. Kat says:

    Woo hoo, I see my postcard! I also like the cutlery chess set. It makes you wonder what else you could use to make one.

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