Shepard Fairey murals and a space invader in Williamsburg.

Shepard Fairey murals and a space invader in Williamsburg.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Sometimes I can’t believe how many wonderful friends I have. It’s crazy, but I am now 25. It seems like an eternity ago that I turned 24 in France, and then 23 in Oklahoma City, and then 22 in Norman, and then 21 in France again. There are some things I thought would be different at 25, maybe that I’d have a more clear life plan or have some sort of graduate degree. But in the three years since graduating from OU, a lot has changed for me mentally. And it’s still changing. Although if my life was anything like the Life board game, I would probably be stuck with like 6 kids and tons of expensive fire insurance by now. Well, enough musing. This is a “travel” blog, right? Even if most of my globe hopping is now done vicariously through watching the Amazing Race (go Oklahoma cowboys!). It’s been a busy few days, so I guess I’ll put the weekdays first and then get to the weekend.

I went to a sort of travel website meet up on Monday night, on behalf of a site I’ve recently been getting involved with. Thank god I seem to have mostly cured my horrible social anxiety of younger years. Before it, I sort of had this awful string of events. Recently, I got a bruise on the bottom of my foot, so already was in pain walking (which is pretty much my mode of transportation). Then I sliced my finger open with a bread knife (I know, I shouldn’t even own knives). And then, got splashed with tons of disgusting Canal Street water (of all the streets in the city, that has to be the worst). However, it was nothing a Guinness couldn’t cure. Unfortunately, I think there’s no cure for my clumsiness.

On Tuesday, to celebrate my birthday, I went out for bubble teas with friends and then got girly lychee cocktails at a bar in the East Village. Today, I had a meeting with a nonprofit in Williamsburg, and am going to start doing some freelance grant writing. Then, I decided to walk over to Sound Fix Records, which was having a free acoustic set with Frightened Rabbit. It was a great, and they played a few songs I’ve definitely obsessed over, like “Fast Blood,” “Nothing Like You” and “Backwards Walk.” It was kind of packed in there, so no pictures, but someone else took one. I just love their emotional intensity, and their heartbreak songs that rival the Mountain Goats’ in rawness. After the concert, I was walking back to the G train in Greenpoint, and ran into someone I knew, which you know is pretty much my favorite occurrence in a day.

Chickens at Works Progress.

Now we’ll go back to the weekend. My last post was on the installation of Works Progress, Recession Art’s newest exhibit, and we had the opening party on Saturday. The art was all pretty great, but the stars of the show were these three gorgeous chickens in the Chicken Tractor. One even, unbelievably, laid an egg during the party. One artist sold all of his pieces, and there was a steady crowd throughout the evening. It made for an exhausting weekend, but it was pretty cool to be involved in such a good show in an awesome loft space in Brooklyn. I’ll leave you with some more photos from the opening:

Chicken Tractor.

Opening Reception.

Inflatable fabric sculpture.

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