Joyeux anniversaire (à moi)

Sunset over the harbor, seen from my roof in Brooklyn.

After last week, I’ve never been so glad to have no plans. Although you know me, “no plans” means catching up on my million and one projects. Anyway, last Friday me and my lovely friends gathered on the roof of my apartment building and watched the sunset in celebration of my 25th birthday. I still can never quite believe how beautiful it is when I go up on my roof, that I can see all of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and, less scenic, the industrial Gowanus canal. It was a chill party, which is my preference, and I was just thrilled that so many wonderful people were there to celebrate. I’ve only been in NYC for about six months, and already I know so many great people.

Sun reflections on Manhattan skyscrapers.

I enjoyed that sunset viewing so much that I went up again today, after a storm had blown over the city. Just a line of clouds remained. I miss the good Oklahoma storms, where the sky turns green and hangs low or hail suddenly falls in June. I especially miss how every single channel would have their storm chasers out during tornado season, and played the coverage without commercial breaks.

Statue of Liberty, seen from my roof.

Here is the Statue of Liberty through the smoke stacks. And with IKEA. I know, it’s not exactly a postcard, but I love it anyway. People keep telling me to take the free ferry to Staten Island from which you can see the Statue of Liberty. Maybe I’ll do that sometime soon.

Graffiti tags seen from my roof.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ll be flying to Oklahoma City next week for my brother’s graduation! I’m very excited to see all my family. I’ve also been getting a little homesick for Oklahoma lately, so it will be nice to visit. Maybe I should collect a little bottle of red dirt to bring back to Brooklyn.

Derby Party at the Invisible Dog.

On Saturday, Recession Art (the organization where I do PR) had our “Works Progress” exhibit in the Invisible Dog gallery used as the setting for a decadent Derby Party, hosted by Workshop, a graphic design company. I will admit that I have never in my life watched a horse race, although I’d definitely heard of the Kentucky Derby. I guess Derby Parties are kind of an East Coast thing, where people get together and wear festive hats and drink mint juleps and eat cornbread. I’m happy with all of those things.

Derby Party at the Invisible Dog.

The race itself was very short, which I guess wasn’t surprising. All the horses had brilliant names, and I was especially fond of “Ice Box,” “Devil May Care,” and “Stately Victor.” However, it was the more grocery store coupon sounding “Super Saver” that won the race.

Horse giving out a prize in the hat contest.

There was also an entertaining hat contest, although this picture makes it look a lot more grotesque than it was. Would you accept a prize from this horse? Well, the prizes were Recession Art gift certificates, so OF COURSE you would.

Giant Ant at the Invisible Dog.

Downstairs from “Works Progress,” there was another exhibit in the Invisible Dog with a giant inflatable ant wearing a top hat. Pretty freaking genius. It was inspired by a surrealist poem I remember reading in French class in high school called “La Fourmi” by Robert Desnos.

Empty gallery after taking down Works Progress.

I spent all Sunday helping to de-install the Works Progress exhibit. Sunday was unfortunately about 90 degrees, but at least there was a break for bubble tea. It was sad to see such a great exhibit go, although it was certainly a lot of work.

I’m trying to decide on some weekend trips this summer. Any suggestions? Any friends who wants to meet somewhere? Of course, as always, I encourage all you wonderful people to visit New York! I have an air mattress and a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline just waiting for you.

2 thoughts on “Joyeux anniversaire (à moi)

  1. Cecilia says:

    What a wondrous birthday! I have never been to a derby, so I’m quite jealous. What’s a good mailing address to use to contact you?

  2. Allie says:

    I’ll email it to you!

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