Leaving for the Great Plains

Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow I am flying to Oklahoma City for my brother Tim’s college graduation. I’ll be in the Sooner State until Sunday, and I’m excited to spend some time away from New York visiting friends and family.

Vintage bus in Cooper Square.

I walked by this vintage bus on my way to work yesterday. That “Not in Service” sign is so disappointing! Unfortunately, it was gone by the time I was able to leave the office. Other interesting things since my last post include a visit up to Astoria for brunch and drinks, and basically a lot of coffee. I discovered a wonderful place called Ost Cafe, which has great coffee, is close to work, reminds me of France, and no one there cares if you sit staring at your laptop for ages. It’s perfect! I’ll be haunting it with my glowing screen and tired eyes again soon. Well, that sounds more depressing than intended. If only I had the patience and handwriting to do some of my work on paper with ink.

Okay, it’s time for me to pack and prepare for my journey. Finally, some traveling! Expect pictures of wonderful Oklahoma soon. I hope the storms hold off. I’ve been keeping an eye on the news reports since Monday’s storms, where there were AT LEAST 37 tornadoes. Tim made a great and unsettling video of the storm’s aftermath in Norman, check it out:

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