Live on University

Journalism school graduation.

Here is the conclusion of my quick weekend in Oklahoma. On Saturday, we went to Tim’s graduation ceremony from the journalism college. I know I said it in the last post, but I still find it hard to believe I’ve been out of school for three years. I just really miss academia. I’m the kind of person who actually enjoyed writing research papers and taking tests. The best part of the year was when I got to buy my new textbooks and I would get excited every time I got to start reading each one. I’m sorry, I’m not the cool person that the living in Brooklyn and snowboarding might lead you to believe I am.

Singing of the OU Chant at the journalism graduation.

The ceremony was great, and afterward we went to a reception at the journalism college and then went to my old favorite Cafe Plaid for lunch.

Graduating sheep at OU.

And of course, there was more campus walking. All the statues were dressed up in caps and gowns for graduation, including these sheep by the library. That evening, we had a celebratory graduation dinner in Bricktown in Oklahoma City, followed by a walk along the canal to the land run monument. Sadly, the next day I had to fly back to New York. Tim drove me to the airport and I luckily missed the tornadoes and tennis ball-size hail that came down later that day. I brought back some red dirt in my suitcase that I plan to keep in a jar in my apartment as a way of keeping Oklahoma with me.

The flight was uneventful, although the night landing in New York was gorgeous with its view of the Manhattan skyline. I guess it’s just over a week since I got back, but it feels like a month. I’m still catching up with New York after slowing down for a few days. I promised myself I would submit my novel somewhere tonight before I went to sleep, so I guess I should stop procrastinating.

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