Key to the City

Police horse and its fans in Times Square.

Thanks to NASA/James Webb Space Telescope and Reid on Travel for sending some traffic via twitter and facebook to the Manhattanhenge post! I love Reid’s 76-second travel videos, and found his blog after noticing that the editor of the Lonely Planet guide to NYC was from Oklahoma. Wait, a video I picked at random from the site on  on the 100th anniversary of the Manhattan Bridge has Beau Jennings from the Oklahoma band Cheyenne in it. What?! There must be a portal to Brooklyn hidden in a secret room of the Opolis in Norman or something. Anyway, awesome and encouraging to see an Okie with lots of travel writing success.

Not that I am a complete failure. After all, last week I was honored with a:

Key to the City!

In recognition of my networking skills, Eszter bestowed this Key to the City to me. The grand ceremony was part of Paul Ramirez Jonas’ art project through Creative Time. Keys are being given out all month in Times Square, where anyone can come and recognize a friend or a strange for their great achievements with a Key to the City. The line was a bit long when we got there after work on Friday, but it passed quickly with the Times Square people watching and the the even more entertaining bulldog puppy that was rolling on the ground. Once at the front of the line, we gave each other keys while stating why we were bestowing them, and then signed a ledger. The keys open locks in all five burroughs, including graveyard gates, mystery boxes in museums, switches in parks, lockers in gyms, and display cases in schools.

Key presenting ceremony in Times Square.

I haven’t had a chance to unlock anything yet. I tried to go by Trinity Church, but wasn’t thinking that it  would close before 7 pm. I’ll do some exploring this weekend! This will be a reason to get around to some corners of NYC that I haven’t visited. Really I’ve only seen a small percent of this city, and not even all of my own neighborhood. Well, that’s one reason I love living here. There are always new doors to open, and sometimes you have the key.

After receiving our keys, we went back to my apartment and had some drinks on the roof, and then went back to Manhattan and ended up at a very strange pair of neighboring bars. One was a total sports bar, with baseball on TV screens covering the walls, pounding Top 40 music, harsh lighting, and lots of dudes in groups that looked like they just stumbled out of a PAC-10 frat. We didn’t last long there, and then went next door to a bar with beauty shop decor and hairdryer seats, dim lighting, a dance room where people were twisting to 1950s music, and a crowd of pre-clubbers taking millions of flash photographs that glinted off their tight sequined skirts. We should have stayed in Brooklyn! I think I’m starting to say that enough to make it a mantra.

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