I Know That I Know Nothing

Art tree at Socrates Sculpture Park.

Back on June 6, I went up to Astoria to the Makers Market at Socrates Sculpture Park. Which made three weekends in a row I ended up there, after never having been before. The little sculpture garden is not a bad place to find myself, very serene and I like the installations. The Makers Market had a couple of tents full of contemporary crafters, lots of good design. We strolled around for a while, then wandered over to a cool antique store. It was a good afternoon, and I then went back to Brooklyn to get some work done.

I’m going to keep this post short (I know, unheard of), as I’m a little behind on my after work-work. I think I’ve finally decided the direction I’m going to take an idea of using literature and locations. After considering travel blogging, poem blogging, and a meet up group, I think I am going to spend a year writing poems associated with places. Yes, completely offline. No one will see these until they are done. I miss writing poetry. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I almost majored in it. I miss the act of trying to write a novel on a page. So that will be an ongoing, private project. I have a feeling the poems might break down into three parts: Oklahoma, France, New York. Although there are places in cold Berlin or sprawling Dallas or elegant Italy that may draw me in. I’ll see where the verses take me.

Autre chose: Est-ce qu’il y a des français qui lisent mon blog? Si oui, peut-être j’écrirai de temps en temps en français. Dis-moi! J’ai envie de pratiquer mon français, quand même.

4 thoughts on “I Know That I Know Nothing

  1. Jen Epting says:

    Je suis americaine mais j’ai fait mon MA a Paris… ca sera un plaisir de te lire en francais!

  2. Allie says:

    Oui, je me souviens! Je vais essayer, mais c’est plus qu’une année depuis que j’étais en France. D’accord, il y aura une poste bientôt en français.

  3. Cecilia says:

    It’s ridiculous how happy I was when I finished reading your post. I understood your parting words without using a translated once.

  4. Allie says:

    See, more demand pour le français! Ça ira! Ça ira! J’écrirai quelque chose juste pour les francophones.

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