Stuck Between Stations

I know it’s summer when I’m buying SPF 100 (to preserve my vampiric pallor) and returning from the grocery store to find I’ve only bought fruit. So far, the heat has been manageable, and I haven’t even had to turn on my air conditioner. But I know the brutal humid months are lurking around the corner, like a cat ready to grab my ankles.

I felt very positive about summer after last weekend. I spent a lot of time outdoors and only got slightly miserable. Last Friday night I was ambitious and thought I could go to art openings in both Greenpoint and Gowanus in three hours with no problem. For readers not familiar with Brooklyn geography, those neighborhoods aren’t exactly close and I have the worst luck with the subway. I actually got up to Greenpoint all right and met a friend for an opening of art by William Holton at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery. Holton does really intricate paintings using pressurized air, that look like cellular systems under a microscope. I thought they were really beautiful and had an awesome layered look. We then went to get the G train…which just never came. After 30 minutes waiting on the platform, an MTA employee came by and told us that the trains were not running there because of a problem with lights or something. So instead I walked all the way to the L on Bedford, took it to Union Square, then got the R train. I was a little late…by a few hours. Anyway, I met another friend for an opening at the Observatory in Gowanus of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired art. Okay, it’s really impossible for me to think of anything related to both Lovecraft and Brooklyn without John Darnielle suddenly screaming “I feel like Lovecraft in Brooklyn!” in my head. Not that I’m complaining, my Mountain Goats’ love is deep and obsessive. I’m getting sidetracked. Well, the Observatory seemed like a cool place, more like a library that happens to show art than a gallery. Not that I’m complaining, my dream home would pretty much be a library cluttered with art.

On Saturday, Recession Art had a picnic in Prospect Park. It was fun to sit outside all day and be lazy. I usually try to put too much work and activity into my weekends, so it’s nice sometimes to just relax and do nothing. The Brooklyn Gay Pride Festival was taking place in the park as well, so there was festive music and revelers. The weather was wonderful, if maybe too sunny for me (see above about my deathly pale skin), but still not too hot. That night I went out with my roommate to some Manhattan lounges.

Internet life update: I can barely keep a blog post under 500 words, but I went ahead and joined twitter anyway. Insert self-mocking comment here. Also made a post about Pawhuska’s Osage Reign of Terror on Atlas Obscura. Insert self-deprecating comment about being a downer here.

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