Brooklyn Industries Party, Chelsea Flea, and more Life in the Luminous City

Recently I got a chance to go to a free concert at Brooklyn Industries with music by Savoir Adore and Dead Phones. The event was co-sponsored by Absolut, which has some new vodka called Absolut Brooklyn. They were serving a drink made with it called Stoop Party (really?), but I have no clue what was “Brooklyn” about it. Was it made in some guy’s basement in Bushwick or flavored with fruit grown in Prospect Park? Well, it was free. And the music was quite good. I really liked Savoir Adore with their well-crafted indie rock that sounds like it was written in some cabin in a Canadian forest. Watch their performance of “Loveliest Creature.” It was boiling hot in the place, so I didn’t see all of Dead Phones set, but they played a sort of dancey yet aggressive rock that was good.

To go with my new blog look, I’m going to start posting a little bit differently here. Yes, the epic 1,000+ word blog posts are good for getting everything written and archived so I can remember it, but they make posting infrequent. Starting probably this week, I will be doing more posts that are shorter and on more specific events or places. There will still be posts like this, which catch up on the smaller things I’ve done, but there will also be posts on just one place/event/etc. I hope it will be good for my longtime reads (beloved family, friends) because you will get to read more about my glamorous NYC life, and also I hope it will get more readers who are interested in visiting the city or people who are already here and want to share their experiences with the same things.

Last Friday I went up to Astoria to a friend’s apartment, where we had delicious sandwiches from Sorriso (which surprisingly has multiple vegetarian options), and Italian bakery cookies. I like Astoria more and more each time I visit it. It’s not the most visually attractive neighborhood, but there are always so many people out on the streets and the food is incredible.

I went to a party in Manhattan on Saturday night, where there was a balcony with a view of the street. The thing about balconies and a lot of the roofs in Manhattan is you often can only see the buildings directly around you because they are up so high, scratching the clouds. I love that from my roof in Brooklyn (see photos above), that I can view the entire skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the islands in bay, and then the cars on the BQE, boats on the water, subways above ground, planes flying overhead, pedestrians on the street below. The whole city is there.

On Sunday, we went to the Antiques Garage in Chelsea, where I almost bought an old metal compass before deciding I really didn’t have $20 to spend. I may go back, though. There were lots of treasures, some atrocities, and wonderful characters behind each table.

There’s been a lot of work lately, and some tentative plans for new projects. I really need to start getting freelance writing work again and pitch my novel more places. Draining. If you want to read my mini-thesis about the trickster/creator Raven in British Columbia, go here. I knew that oral tradition class from college would come in handy eventually! Thanks N. Scott Momaday!

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