Quadron at Southpaw

Quadron performing at Southpaw in Brooklyn.

Back on June 24, I saw Danish duo Quadron make their New York City debut. A friend who was in town from Copenhagen had invited me to see the band play at Southpaw in Brooklyn. I had never heard their music before the concert, but really enjoyed their modern soul performance. Quadron is composed of singer Coco and producer Robin Hannibal, who brings some electro influences to Coco’s throwback R&B voice. They were joined by a couple of backup musicians to flesh out their sound for their US tour. I was stunned by Coco’s maturely rich voice (I can’t believe she’s younger than me) and Robin’s backing vocals were equally smooth. Their first, and only, album came out in the States this year. Check out “Jeans,” “Slippin,” and “Pressure” to get a feel for their lush sound. I had no idea that some of the best soul music is coming out of Denmark.

Key on the wall of Southpaw.

Before Quadron, rapper MeLo-X played a set and later in the lower level of Southpaw we discovered a second club where guys were freestyle rapping. It was a little random, but I enjoyed chilling on a couch until dreaded audience participation seemed imminent. We came back up to the main level and found the venue had turned into a dance club. I guess there’s something at Southpaw for everyone, and it all happens simultaneously.

One thought on “Quadron at Southpaw

  1. […] is putting out the best soul music around and Coco’s voice is just so smooth. I saw them play earlier this year and it was a killer performance. I’m hoping to hear a lot more from them in the future. This […]

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