Deerhunter :: Pier 54

Pier 54 during Deerhunter concert. My camera really hates the night.

Due to a late work day, I didn’t make it to the start of Deerhunter’s concert on Pier 54 last night. The free show was part of the same series that hosted The Antlers (although aside from the venue, and hoofstock-related band names, a very different concert experience). Walking down 14th street towards the Hudson River, I could hear the noise already. I say noise instead of music because Deerhunter filled their performance with a lot of distorted, sprawling noise, full of reverb and static. But it was an enjoyable, ambient noise, layered and twisted. Melodies emerged like faces in the fog.

The band is from Atlanta and fronted by Bradford Cox (watch his funny faux-backstage video with the “magician” Wayne Coyne), and their past few records have felt like hypnotic whirlpools of sound. Listen to “Spring Hall Convert” and “Fluorescent Grey” if you haven’t heard anything from them.) It’s the kind of music you can zone out to, lose yourself in, think about nothing or everything. There was a slight drizzle throughout their set, but the band wasn’t rushing to get out of the rain. Each song stretched into the other via a bridge of noise.

Their encore must have lasted at least 20 minutes, over which the band played a couple of songs (“Agoraphobia” and “Nothing Ever Happened” from 2008’s Microcastle) and then built it into this expanse of noise that seemed like it was never going to end.

End note: thanks to the Guggenheim for tweeting my Haunted/Andy Warhol post! Welcome new readers. Also, I don’t think I’ve yet linked to my Trepanation and His Dark Materials and Essential Guide: Cemeteries posts on Atlas Obscura.

But most important of all: this Sunday will be my one-year anniversary in New York! I can’t believe I’ve (almost) made it a whole year in this city. And I think I’m going to try for another. To celebrate, I will be going to a borough I haven’t had a chance to visit for some exploring.

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