Driving Across the Great Plains

On my last day of my glamorous business trip in Kansas City, my mom and brother drove up to meet me and then we took the road straight back to Oklahoma City. I remember back in psychology class learning about world views, and I think mine must be made of wet clay with all my constant movement. There this odd feeling I get for about the first day I’m in a new place, like I’m compartmentalizing the place I’ve just left as something that’s almost a dream. This doesn’t make a lot of sense when I type it out. I guess it’s just that when I’m in the open plains of the center of the United States and imagine myself back on the crowded streets of Manhattan, it’s hard to believe that I exist as a part of both. Okay, this still isn’t making much sense. Maybe my early morning walk in Prospect Park followed by gorging on heirloom tomatoes from the Green Market has given me some Thoreau-level contemplation.

Aside from the rest stop shown above, most of what we saw was this: expanses of flat land with clouds broiling up splashed in stunning colors. I grew up pretty close to Kansas, so the vast fields without even the glimpse of a small house or water tower weren’t a surprise. Still, it’s a shock after all these months living in New York. It was wonderful; I’ve missed the dynamic sky of the West.

I’ve also missed car travel a little; there’s much more of a feeling of movement than taking the subway. Although perhaps not as much as walking, which I get to do a lot more here, but isn’t practical for crossing whole states in a day. My bicycle recently arrived in New York, so once I get it back together I might be doing some travel with that. I hear it’s possible to bike to places in Long Island (I don’t think I’ve brave enough to bike much in Manhattan). I biked a lot in Paris, so I have some big city experience. And at least here there aren’t those crazy roundabouts to contend with.

We arrived in my beloved Oklahoma in the evening. By the way, I now have a glass bottle full of Oklahoma red dirt sitting on my bookshelf here, so a little bit of my home state is with me in Brooklyn. I know the obvious question, which comes up often, is if I love the place so much, why am I not living there? Well, I need to get out and see the world before I’ll be ready to buy a house and settle down anywhere. I couldn’t get the opportunities I have in New York back in Oklahoma.

A post on my Oklahoma City visit is coming soon!

One thought on “Driving Across the Great Plains

  1. Kat says:

    Great pictures of the sky! I especially love the atomic cloud.

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