Recession Art :: Elevator Show

Red dog sculptures at the Invisible Dog.

I mistakenly thought I had already posted about this, but it seems I did not. So this is a rather late entry on the Elevator Show that Recession Art hosted in the elevator shaft at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn. This was way back in July, and the Recession Art solo show featured an installation by Alison Wilder in the huge freight elevator space. Below are images of the Elevator Show, as well as art in the Invisible Dog’s If You See Nothing, Say Something exhibit (which included the amazing dog statues above).

Flowers on Bergen Street, near the Invisible Dog.

Elevator Shaft with text from Dante’s Inferno

Alison Wilder’s Elevator Show installation.

Fabric bricks in the Elevator Show.

Recession Art Store

Gallery at the Invisible Dog

Art at the Invisible Dog

Burned Grandfather Clock

Inside a Foil Sculpture

The next Recession Art exhibit opens in November!

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