Plotting Triumphant Returns to the City (Art is Back)

Skulls Covered in Glass

The fall art season has arrived and gallery openings are back in full force. On the first big Thursday of the season we went gallery hopping in Chelsea, seeing some intriguing things like the above glass-encrusted skulls by Rachel Owens at ZieherSmith. Below are some more highlights from our evening of art (and free wine).

Petri Dish Art

Kim Foster Gallery had an exhibit by Jim Toia (with the unbeatable tagline: “ant colonies, spores, webs, jellyfish and other natural phenomena”) that included these cool petri dish pieces. These were actually created by people who came by the gallery and picked up a dish and then returned it for the show (they were out of them by the time we came by). There were also some spindly silver trees, sort of childlike bonsais crafted from tinfoil. I love art with a science/nature angle.

Ballroom Installation

My favorite piece that we saw was Zilvinas Kempinas’ Ballroom installation at Yvon Lambert. Behind a dark curtain was a room full of red and blue lights, where fans hanging from the ceiling rotated hanging lamps and caused tape circles on the ground to shake. It was a really awesome experience and one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a Chelsea gallery. The same venue also had grey paintings by Roman Opalka in a gorgeous space that had one whole wall as a window to the street.

Painting Installation

I was doing a really good job of keeping track of the galleries until about this point. Maybe it was all the free glasses of cheap red wine. Or maybe it’s that all Chelsea galleries seem to have proper names (I’ve never been good at names). Well, I remember the above was a somewhat didactic painting installation about borders.

Talk Bubble Balloons

Not sure about this gallery either, although I really loved all the talk bubble balloons crowding the entrance hall (by Philippe Parreno, I think). I do remember that we visited Hasted Hunt Kraeutler later in the night and saw Lucifer Falls by Jeff Bark, which had rather interesting large scale photographs of waterfalls that included people, almost hidden.

Black Frames

The above black frame installation was in the same gallery as the talk bubbles. I know I’ve seen these before, maybe at the Whitney Biennial? Any art people reading this blog are more than welcome to help. I need to be more thorough with my notes next time.

We also stopped by the collaboration between Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin. Bourgeois passed away this May, so this might be one of the last exhibits of her contemporary work. It was the most crowded show we stopped at.

I hope to see more art as the season progresses. The same weekend we also attempted some of the Fashion’s Night Out events, although retail and shopping has never really been my thing, so that was another night where free libations were a draw. And there were cupcakes, of course.

Unrelated, but I wrote a short story about a rat king that was published this month. You can read it here.

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  1. m says:

    I’m glad I don’t have a basement!!

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