Wanda Jackson at the Knitting Factory

Wanda Jackson at the Knitting Factory. My camera just detests concerts.

You can’t argue against Oklahoma’s influence on music, from Woody Guthrie to the Flaming Lips. It’s a small state, but you hear its voices everywhere. On Friday I got to see one of Oklahoma’s greatest music legends: Wanda Jackson. She was playing with the Lustre Kings at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I need to get out to rockabilly concerts more often, because it was such a fun show (and I’m terribly jealous of the cool people who can pull off the rockabilly style).

Wanda Jackson grew up in Oklahoma City and got her start in the 1950s playing a mix of country and rockabilly and touring with Elvis. Seriously, how awesome is it to go to a concert where someone can brag about making out with Elvis? That’s crazy. Known as the “sweet lady with the nasty voice,” she growled through a lot of her old hits at the concert, like “Mean Mean Man,” “Let’s Have a Party,” and “Slippin’ And Slidin’.” She also played a couple of songs she’s recently recorded with Jack White. You can do the math with her age, and she still put on a tremendous performance. I barely have that much energy now, I can only hope to be that vivacious when I’m her age. Anyway, the place was sold out and the crowd was completely into it. I felt lucky to be able to see her performance and definitely left with some state pride.

Not the concert I saw, but recent:

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