Art in Odd Places

I was just thinking of you.

My camera is refusing to connect to my computer and the USB port keeps claiming to be overpowered, so unfortunately no Halloween photos yet. Damn technology! I use you, but I hate you sometimes (really stretching a Les Misérables reference here). So instead I bring you a quick post on a recent art event: Art in Odd Places, an annual festival that explores “the odd, ordinary, and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life.” Just like me! Last year, you may remember that I was in one of the performances where we carried giant letters to Union Square and spelled out encouraging phrases. This year I am sadly/happily employed and wasn’t able to participate outside of being a spectator.

How have you been?

As the idea of Art in Odd Places is to put art where you don’t expect it, it can be kind of hard to track down. It’s meant to surprise you, to emerge out of the constant noise as quick moments of beauty or wonder. It is all centered around Union Square and 14th Street, which is luckily near where I work. This year’s theme was chance and randomness, which included an artist leaving sealed envelopes for young poets (à la Rilke), artists using clay to take imprints of overlooked architectural details, the “BroLab  Collective” who hand carried water from the Hudson to East River, calls to payphones transmitting noises from that area’s past, and people with Flux Factory waving across an intersection and trying to get people to wave back. I enjoyed happening upon Linda Hesh’s doorknob hangers shown above that instigated visual encounters with the residents and businesses along the street.

Okay, fingers crossed this USB port gets figured out! Computer, camera, I need you!

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