What is the Where? Opening

What is the Where? Installation

This Saturday, Recession Art (the arts organization I do communications/PR for) is having an opening at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Cobble Hill. Get all the details on our site. Also, if you have not yet donated to our Kickstarter, there is still a little time! We’re 76% of the way there! Even a dollar is completely awesome.

Yesterday, I went by the gallery for the installation. I was really impressed with all the art. There is an incredible wall projection that incorporates actual photographs on the wall with video that includes archive images of buildings in Brooklyn. There’s another video installation that’s in three-dimensions about the cycle of rebirth, and another that takes a live feed of a gorgeous antique hammer from an illuminated cart and displays it at the feet of viewers. There are 15 artists, and each one is bringing something really incredible and unique to the exhibit. So, if you are in New York, come by tomorrow for the opening! It’s 6-midnight. And if you can’t make it for that, we have a whole week of events.

Below are some photos I took from the installation:

Ryan Frank installs his art.


Evan Roberts' stairway installation.


Celia Tobin hanging her photographs.


Installations by Louise Barry and Lawrence Mesich.


Installation in progress by Jess Levey.


Installations in progress by Stephen Eakin and A. Bonnel.


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