Halloween Day 2: MoMA and Brooklyn Parties

I know it was long ago, but I remember Halloween. After Halloween Day 1, the next day started with a wine paired with Halloween candy tasting at Bottlerocket before some shopping to complete my terribly last minute costume. I only got an idea literally the day before. Every year I say I am going to plan for Halloween costuming in advance, yet I always end up making something up at the last minute.

This year’s costume attempt was the Berlin Wall. I had this genius idea of getting a grey dress and covering it with graffiti. However, apparently grey dresses are not in style this year or something, so I settled for a cheap grey tank top instead, on which I scrawled some Berlin Wall-inspired graffiti. I also found this sweet 80s jacket with graffiti on the inside and crazy zippers and a heavy chain necklace. Basically, I ended up more like someone from Berlin from the 1980s, but whatever. Or just like myself on a more eccentric day. The first event of the evening was the Monster Mash Pop Rally at MoMA, where I met up with an ice cream sundae, box of chocolates, subway map, and airline stewardess.

From there, me and the ice cream sundae went to a party at a bull’s house in Brooklyn. It was in her huge backyard, where a screen was set up on which scary movies were being screened and in a shed there was dancing and a DJ. There were some genius costumes, like a cryogenic tank, and a magician showed me some delightful and disconcerting card tricks.

The last party of the evening (or was it officially Halloween by then? I lost track of time) was the Masquerade Macabre at the Brooklyn Lyceum. There, I met up with the main characters from À bout de souffle and entered the huge party, where people were dancing under illuminated hot air balloons and a band with skeleton faces was playing on the lower level. I saw at least three Hunter S. Thompsons, a Cthulhu monster, a fawn, a lively panda bear, a knight in full metal armor, and numerous other insanely creative costumes. People here set the bar too high!

The subways were again great this day. I saw Gumby while going into Manhattan and rode with some very attractive vampires back to my neighborhood.

One more day of Halloween posting to go!

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