Kenny Scharf Mural

On a lunch break walk earlier this week, I happened to go by the former Deitch Projects wall to see street artist Kenny Scharf spray painting a colorful, psychedelic mural. The wall has been the site of several curated murals, starting with a reproduction of a Keith Haring mural and recently an ill-fated Shepard Fairey paste-up followed by some creative tagging by TWIST. The wall is at Houston and Bowery, and is now being curated by the Hole NYC. I read that this current project is going to include street art on metal shop shutters in the neighborhood. I’m excited to see a little more color on the streets with all this dreary weather we’ve been having lately. And I enjoy the crazy, trippiness of Scharf’s art. Apparently he doesn’t sketch before painting, and for this mural just started with the red nose you can see at the left of this picture and worked from there. Now can he do the water towers outside my office window?

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