Happy Holidays from NYC

I hope you all are having a happy holiday season, and that my NYC friends are surviving the blizzard. I am thankful to have a job with an extra week off, or else I’d be stuck in an airport or snowed in at my cold apartment. Instead, I am here in Oklahoma City, enjoying somewhat warmer weather.

I thought I would post about some of the highlights of New York in winter that I visited with my parents during their recent visit. All NYC guests visiting in December are obliged to follow the well-worn, but definitely worth it, path of holiday merriment from Central Park to Macy’s. Although it was freezing cold, we started our day with a walk through Central Park, stopping to see the ice skaters at the Wollman Rink and then wandering over to Bethesda Terrace and the Belvedere Castle. It had been ages since I’d not had to be in an office on a weekday, and it felt slightly devious to be out among the carefree tourists documenting the fallen foliage, rather than staring at a screen in my office. It was refreshing in a way that the weekends are not, so hurried that they always are.

We also walked by Strawberry Fields and the Dakota, happening to be there the day before the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death outside the Dakota across the street.

We then continued down to the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman. They had a whimsical travel theme that was disturbingly close to my imagination.

See?! A bejeweled octopus. Maybe I should go into advertising if this is the direction of things. Look, there’s even a creepy claw at the bottom right of the picture.

There was another octopus in the Saks Fifth Avenue display. Theirs had a sort of steampunk/carnival theme.

It even included mechanical tentacles!

And an elephant running on gears! This is too much. I need a new aesthetic, obviously.

At Rockefeller Center, we saw the ice skating rink and the Christmas tree. We also ran into one of my friends, who directed us to the awesome Lego store. It had a replica of Rockefeller Center in legos, which was not architecturally correct even though you could see real Rockefeller Center just out the window. Although there is a giant dragon flying above it, so I guess reality doesn’t exactly matter in legoland.

After walking through Bryant Park to see another magnificent Christmas tree and ice skating rink, we spotted one of the vintage MTA buses that serves routes during the holiday season. I have yet to catch a ride, but it’s one of my NYC living goals.

We stopped in the New York Public Library to warm up and enjoy the beautiful reading room and lovely Christmas tree they had in their lobby.

And later we saw the library again, this time in paper in the Macy’s holiday window display.

We ended our day at Macy’s, but I’m going to add two bonus Christmas trees below to make this post extra festive.

First, we have this Christmas tree spotted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And finally my favorite, the Christmas tree hidden like a secret under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn.

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from NYC

  1. eszter says:

    the vintage bus!! i’m so glad one of us at least saw it this year, even though we all snoozed on riding both it and the nostalgia train.

    related: i don’t know if you “like” the transit museum on effbook, but they have some very nice old-timey photos of public transportation in the snow that you might like.

  2. Paerol says:

    The Brooklyn Tree is quite intriguing! Actually makes me want to go to NYC…

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