Park Here: An Indoor Pop-Up Park

I hate the brutal, humid days of summer as much as the next pasty-skinned, reclusive, Brooklyn writer, but even I need a break sometimes from the miserable winter weather. I recently stopped by Openhouse Gallery, the New York event venue, to spend some time in Park Here, an indoor pop-up park. I guess you can have a pop-up of just about anything here (there was some sort of magical gin forest that I saw over the holidays, and now I think there’s a pop-up flea market by another flea market). It was surprisingly relaxing and lovely. The whole gallery, with two rooms and two levels, is covered in fake grass and trees with bird songs playing on speakers. But rather than feeling like the RV section of the Bass Pro Shop, it was genuinely like a secret garden just steps from slushy streets.

There were little light therapy boxes (SAD lights=Seasonal Affective Disorder) nestled among the leafy faux trees, and kids were rolling in the grass while people lounged on benches. I read that the gallery is hosting yoga sessions and movie screenings in the space. There’s even a seesaw! I would love to come on one of their croquet days.

Park Here is installed until January 30, so stop by if you are in NYC!

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