Snow in Brooklyn

Greenwood Heights snow.

When I got off the train last night, it was thundering and snowing heavily at the same time, something I’d never experienced even with the wild weather of Oklahoma. So I wasn’t surprised to wake up this morning to a snow day, one of the perks of working for a university. I refreshed the university homepage several times at 6 am on my iPhone while staying under my sheets until I was absolutely sure that school was closed, and then went back to some much needed sleep. (Remember when I accidentally went to work on a snow day last year?) But don’t worry, I made sure to go out for some adventuring.

Snow in Park Slope.

I decided to take a walk to Prospect Park, and dressed as warmly as possible with my snow boots and headed out into Greenwood Heights. Fourth Avenue was clear and cars were driving easily, but there and everywhere else I would encounter the real menace: the deep trenches of grey freezing slush that surrounded every intersection. To cross a street, you either had to wade through it (hoping your boots were tall enough) or climb over a mound of snow left by the plow. This has been a record amount of snow for January in New York, and it was incredibly deep in some places. Whole cars were hidden under snow piles, although this is probably the fault of the snow plows that push all the snow to the side of the street. I felt bad for all the people who were digging out vehicles. I’ve been there…

Prospect Park/Narnia.

I did finally trudge my way to Prospect Park, which was beautiful. Snow everything, clinging to the trees, reminding me of being in the lower Alps.

Swarm of sledders.

The place was swarmed with kids dragging and being dragged in sleds. There were also dogs bounding through the snow, pulling their owners along. I even saw one woman sculpting a snow portrait of her dog while it frolicked around her.

Field of snow. Those people are using snowshoes!

There were people using snowshoes and even people cross-country skiing! And there were some other, um, 20-somethings just out taking pictures. Who are probably blogging/tweeting/flickring about the snow as I type this. Brooklyn is obviously full of my people. My nerdy people.

Snow Dinosaur!!!

There were many snowmen dotting the park, but my favorite was this snow dinosaur. They even built little snowmen for it to chase. Looks like it has caught an unfortunate one.

Sledders going home, under a Prospect Park bridge.

Seeing all the kids playing in the snow made me nostalgic for the snowstorms of Oklahoma, which would suddenly cover the whole town with snow like icing. My mom once built the most amazing luge for us in the backyard out of snow, and we would always go sledding at the park. I remember that the way my bed was positioned, I could look out the window at the roof of the oil baron mansion next door and see if the red shingles had been turned white, and then hope for a snow day.

Snowy Union Street in Park Slope.

I walked down Union Street to the train, in need of a coffee. Some good Samaritan was attempting to shovel the slush from one of the crosswalks. The train took ages to come, but I finally made it back to my warm apartment and am now savoring the quiet that a winter’s night brings.

2 thoughts on “Snow in Brooklyn

  1. Kat says:

    Loved hearing about your snow day! New York snow makes Chicago snow look like a dusting of powdered sugar.

  2. Allie says:

    We got even more snow yesterday! I think we’ve had around 36 inches of snow this January.

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