Cold Weather Visit to the OKC Zoo

Any logical chronology to this blog has completely disappeared, as I’m now going back to December to post more about my holiday visit to Oklahoma. (Remember the holidays? Kind of? There are still people with pumpkins on their porch here. From HALLOWEEN!!!). One of the highlights of my visit was when me and my mom made a cold day trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

I visited the zoo a lot when I lived in the OKC area, my favorite animals being the Giant Anteater and the wolf with the long legs (also known as the maned wolf). I visited them both, and both were looking quite well.

I love the Judy the Elephant manhole covers that are scattered around the park. The beloved animal lived to 52 years old at the zoo, having originally arrived in 1949 after local children saved up pennies to buy her. Look, here is a picture of her at an OKC library checking out a book called All About People!

We barely saw anyone else due to the freezing weather, although it was quite sunny and great for strolling. The animals that were furry enough to stay outside were very active, especially the Red Pandas, which are almost too cute to be real. They look like stuffed animals come to life.

One of my favorite exhibits at the zoo is the Oklahoma Trails area, which recreates the terrain of Oklahoma and has representatives of its fauna, including some that have disappeared from the landscape, like alligators and grizzly bears.

There was a herd of buffalo (oh, ahem, American Bison), their breaths crystalizing in the cold air.

We got a glimpse of the new construction, including the huge Expedition Asia area. There will also be a new home for the giraffes. I love the expansiveness of the OKC zoo. While it doesn’t have as many indoor, interactive exhibits as the other big Oklahoma zoo in Tulsa, it has such a huge space to explore and I’m impressed that each time I go, there are new, wonderful exhibits and creatures to discover.

3 thoughts on “Cold Weather Visit to the OKC Zoo

  1. m says:

    Good times!!

  2. Lovey pics. Thanks for sharing.

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