Dancing with Ira Glass?

I attended an incredibly fun event last night at Littlefield in Gowanus. Hosted by the Talent Show, which holds events every month (showcasing different talents in a sort of vaudeville fashion, I really need to check more of these out), Dancing With the Semifamous paired minor celebrity types with actual dancers into a Dancing With the Stars type spectacle.

Music was supplied by the band Bambi (who I now love thanks to this video filmed at the Natural History Museum for a song about Jane Goodall), and the three judges were comedian Eugene Mirman, writer David Rakoff (who I’ve heard several times on This American Life), and dancer Monica Bill Barnes. Then there were the dancers, who attempted everything from tango to hip hop to modern with various degrees of success and seriousness. The winner was Mike Albo and his passionate, shiny pants-centric performance, although my vote went to Elna Baker for her intro video featuring her dancing in her apartment with her pet dogs and facebook stalking, which I can identify with (all of the contestants had videos of their practice sessions that played before their performances). Of course, the star of the show was Ira Glass of This American Life, who did a modern dance to Philip Glass’ music that you can watch in the video someone not me filmed above. Because otherwise you would never believe me.

Another attendee took some good pictures that you can see here. Like being there, in a strobe light.

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