Obscura Day on April 9! Join me or the worldwide multitude of others

Valentine Angel at Green-Wood Cemetery.

About a year ago, I decided on a whim to go out to Long Island for a visit to a museum of taxidermied fishes for something called Obscura Day, organized by Atlas Obscura. Just about a year later, and I find myself preparing to lead my own Obscura Day tour, now as a contributor of writing/editing to the travel site. The lucky fellow adventurers on my (sold out!?) tour of Green-Wood Cemetery will get to see the inside of the cemetery catacombs, and some of the intriguing sites along the way in the beautiful 478 acres of tombs and trees. Having lived just a block away from the cemetery for over a year (perhaps this tour is a bit lazy, but at least I have no risk of being late), I’ve fallen in love with its winding trails and surprisingly ornate statuary that greets you at unexpected turns. So I’m excited about this tour as a way to share an almost hidden place in Brooklyn, even if I’m, um, a little afraid of getting us lost. But with enough caffeine and planning, I’m sure it will be great. To be extra sure, I did a mini-expedition to plot a route. Some photos from it are below.

Not one of the few who signed up to join me? No worries! There are tons of events around the globe, and you are welcome and encouraged to organize your own event. Obscura Day will be April 9, and you can see all the events here.

Inside of the tower at the Tranquility Garden in Green-Wood.

Lamb and Willow Tree

Group of Angels

Cemetery Bear

Sunlit Angel

Streaked Statue

SPOILER ALERT: Entrance to Catacombs.

Of course, you are always welcome to join me in cemetery exploring. But for Obscura Day, definitely check something out, maybe something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. And if there is nothing near you, perhaps that means you should organize something of your own and help fellow locals rediscover that weird bridge with the swastikas on it or the taxidermy-filled oil baron lodge (just throwing out some Oklahoma hometown examples here) that might be overlooked or taken for granted.

2 thoughts on “Obscura Day on April 9! Join me or the worldwide multitude of others

  1. Liam says:

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Mary says:

    Love the cemetery bear. Wish I could join you!

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