Art Land

Bear Traps...I don't need to spell this out for you.

This past Saturday was actually a day of decent weather, and after a boring errand in Union Square I decided to get a coffee at Cafe Grumpy and walk on the High Line. From there, I stopped by some of the Chelsea galleries to see some art, because I had finally recovered from the mental overload of the Armory Show.

What's going on here?! Poor Mr. Monopoly seems to be being consumed by the art.

I first went by Tanya Bonakdar, where I saw the kind of…odd sculptures shown above by Jason Meadows. I guess the bear traps are pretty straight forward, if a little cutely annoying, but I don’t understand this melange of pop culture characters. Is Mr. Monopoly being steamrolled, or is he emerging up from the art? Well, I guess I’ve never seen anything like it…

German Shepherd and a light bulb.

Over at Casey Kaplan, there was an installation by Geoffrey Farmer of paper cut outs arranged on wires and lamps, like the above German Shepherd/light bulb combo. There were some cool visuals and I liked the entryway with the three-dimensional collage of hanging cut outs. It was interesting, although I doubt I’ll remember it in a month. Kind of like a magazine I flipped through in a waiting room, eyes roving over images, but not connecting.

Smashed Car Parts.

My last stop was Paula Cooper Gallery, which had these cool sculptures by John Chamberlain created with smashed car parts. I really liked the tactile metallic colors, and how you could see the objects they once were in the art they had become. They reminded me a little of Oklahoma artist M.R. Smith, who makes giant masks out of car parts.

It seems to finally be spring! Which means I can go outside again, and there will be blog posts about things outside gallery walls.

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