Handsome Furs at the Bell House

On my first night in Berlin, I saw the Handsome Furs play in a club under the S-Bahn. It rattled from passing trains. I’d taken a walk down to the Brandenburg Gate while listening to their 2007 Plague Park, which is a somber, intense album, made even more so by being alone in wintry Germany. So I was surprised when their set was wonderfully dancey, Eastern European-inspired music from their then new album Face Control. When I saw that they were playing at the Bell House in Brooklyn in Gowanus, which is within walking distance from my apartment, I had to go.

The concert last Thursday was mostly music from their upcoming release Sound Kapital. There are only two people in the Handsome Furs: Don Boeckner of Wolf Parade fame and his wife Alexei Perry. Despite there only being a guitar and keyboards on stage, they deliver a show as high impact as the fullest bands. They both have some insane energy and a really gracious interaction with the crowd. It would be unfair to just call their music electronica or post-punk. The chemistry between Boeckner’s fuzzy guitar riffs and Perry’s relentless keyboards creates something that’s like a catchy paranoia. Plus, they are both gorgeous. Here’s a video from the show:

By the way… tonight I leave for Buenos Aires! You will soon read about the adventures here.

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