Buenos Aires: Day 1

Buenos Aires Apartments

I returned from my quick trip to Buenos Aies about a week ago and haven’t found much time to sit down and write about it. I thought I would do a quick post on my first day there (it was a rather quick day) and share some photos while you wait for some more in depth adventure tales. I took the late night flight from JFK directly to Argentina. What a change from having a whole stack of boarding passes! The flight was mostly empty, so I was able to angle myself into the empty seat next to me and be somewhat comfortable, if not asleep. After all my traveling, I still am unable to sleep on flights. The only notable exceptions are due to cold medicines and the generous stewards on British Airways that gave out unlimited bottles of red wine. Still, I feel like any sleep that glances into my time on the airplane is about as valuable as a fever dream.

Dramatic Entry

I arrived in Buenos Aires in the morning with my carry on bags and immediately had to try out my extremely limited Spanish with the car and bank people. Although I’ve taken a little Spanish, the accent is so different in Argentina that it required a total adjustment of my ear to understand anything. However, it’s a really beautiful form of the language and I would love to spend more immersion time to get the words secure in my head. Anyway, despite my worst fears, I did manage to change my American dollars to Pesos and secure a car to my uncle Tom’s apartment, which he was incredibly nice in letting me use for my stay. (There I am above being dramatic in its dramatic entryway.)

Apartment lurking.

After a lunch of empanadas and awesome vegetarian fare (who knew that existed in South America?), Tom headed to North America for a visit to Texas and I met up with my friend Cecilia who was spending a month in Buenos Aires. We ended up walking for a bit and then going to her tango studio, although I was way too exhausted for dancing. However, I did enjoy eavesdropping on a singing class where they seemed to be practicing Phantom of the Opera in Spanish.

I basically collapsed into sleep that night. But don’t worry, less sleep was had in later days and there was adventuring! If you want a preview, I’ve uploaded my photos to flickr. Posts will come soon. Ciao!

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  1. nice photos allie!

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